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Other/Related Variations

·       Agricultural & Environmental Plant Sciences

·       Environmental Horticulture

·       Fruit & Vegetable Management

·       Horticultural Science

·       Organic Agriculture Systems

·       Floriculture



Degree Type/Duration

·       Associate’s Degree (2 years)

·       Bachelor’s Degree (4 years)

·       Master’s Degree (Varies)

·       Doctorate Degree (Varies)




Studying horticulture means diving into a study surrounding production, management, improvement, processing, distribution, and utilization of a wide variety of plants, ornamentals, and turf.


Coursework may cover the following areas: Plant Science, Biology, Soils and Plant Growth, Weed Science, Soil Conservation, Insect Biology, Disease, Anatomy, Ecology, Pest Management, Chemistry, Horticulture Physiology/Science, Hydroponics




·       Horticultural Production

·       Horticultural Science

·       Landscape Design

·       Organic Crop Production

·       Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology

·       Plant Science

·       Floriculture



Potential Career Paths


·       Biological Technician

·       Crop Systems Specialist

·       Environmental Compliance Officer

·       Environmental Science and Protection Technician

·       Florist

·       Greenhouse Manager

·       Hydroponics Producer

·       Horticulturalist

·       Irrigation Specialist

·       Landscape Designer

·       Landscape Technician

·       Produce Inspector

·       Restoration Specialist

·       Viticulturist



Additional Opportunities/Recommendations

·       Additional certifications available

·       Internship or work experience related to horticulture

·       Study abroad

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