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The Compensation Benchmark Review serves the unique needs of the agribusiness & food industry like no other survey can. Conducted by, a trusted supplier of human resource services, this confidential tool has quickly become the standard in salary benchmarking within agriculture. Companies now have an effective and strategically sound solution to manage compensation programs, no matter how large or small. We invite you to explore this site and learn more about our current survey offerings.
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The Compensation Benchmark Review (CBR) is's agriculture & food salary survey. This innovative tool is designed to provide data to specifically meet the needs across both industries. The CBR provides meaningful salary on a wide array of positions.

Clients can focus on general agribusiness trends or sector specific reports such as Ag Chem, Seed, Fertilizer, Commodities/Biofuels, Cooperatives, Livestock Production, Food and many more. Reports are also available by location (region/state/city), urban vs. rural, and company size.

Data is confidential and collected once per year. The online format ensures that data is accessible year-round, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our customer care staff provides complimentary training, ongoing customer support, and customized reporting per request.

Each year 150-plus agribusiness employers across North America participate. The CBR is only available to those that supply data thus enhancing the resource’s integrity and credibility.

Additional information like participant list and sample reports are available within the participation details section.

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The Compensation Benchmark Review is's exclusive online salary survey tool. Along with our job board and talent recruitment resources, has acquired a wealth of knowledge and familiarity with benchmarking standard and unique industry positions. This innovative offering is designed specifically for ag and food companies as a custom-built resource driven by its own participants for ten years and counting. The “CBR” as it is often referred, provides meaningful compensation data on a wide array of positions. Data is available in multiple reporting cuts to easily evaluate market values. Over 150 North American companies, both large and small, utilize the survey annually to recruit and retain talent.

The Compensation Benchmark Review is conducted on an annual participation cycle. Data collection begins in April of each year and updated reports are released within the survey database around late August to September. collects data for a number of compensation related variables per employee, but only require the following:
  • Client Position Title
  • Location - State/Province
  • Location - City or Rural
  • Base Salary
  • Performance Pay - Target / Actual
  • Exempt / Non-Exempt

All data is confidential. Every effort is made to ensure that the salary tables protect the confidentiality of contributor data and are statistically meaningful. A minimum number of cases (five) are assigned for each position. Some positions have been omitted because of the small sample size. Where the number of cases recorded equals the minimum, publishing is restricted to the median and average values only. The CBR is only available to those that supply data thus enhancing the resource's integrity and credibility. All data released is fully compliant with the Federal Trade Commission's Anti-Trust Act provisions for salary surveys.

Every year over 80,000 U.S. employees and 11,000 Canadian employees are reported to for salary benchmarking.

A total of 230+ positions are available in the U.S. database and 150+ Canadian positions. conducts this survey through a secure online survey platform by employee representatives (typically HR or senior management) of subscribed companies. The data is employee record level—not averaged across employees for a given role – but employee by employee. We confirm that the salary data our clients report to us is not "outlying"; i.e., outside of the standard role range. We exclude employees whom we identify as outliers from survey reports. works collectively with our clients in job mapping. We give clients our position descriptions so that they may identify key accountabilities for mapping their jobs to our standard position lists. We then review these matches to ensure that each role is a fit to our standard position, by accountability, duty, responsibility, reporting level, education requirement, and other relevant factors.

Clients can focus on general ag and food trends or sector specific breakouts such as Ag Chem/Seed/Fertilizer, Commodities/Biofuels/ Feed, Cooperatives/Ag Retail, Production/Processing, Produce/Farming, Equipment/Technical and many more. also reports information geographically by location (regional and state/province), city vs. rural, annual revenue and number of employees.

The online format ensures data is accessible year-round, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For those with Full Access subscriptions, they may access information for 12 full months following a signed agreement. We simply email electronic PDFs to Basic Reports subscribers (no online database access) of the Standard Reports, for only the positions contributed to the survey.

There is no limit on the number of users that may have access to the CBR per company subscription. As a security measure, requests we issue each unique user a personalized login for tracking and easy deactivation purposes.

Our customer care staff provides complimentary training, ongoing customer support, and customized reporting per request (with approved subscription level). Simply contact for more information.

Clients are sent a dedicated data collection link to capture the components contributing to the compensation package of each employee. That information is then reviewed, validated, and uploaded.

The AGRIBUSINESS HR REVIEW documents a range of human resource best practices and emerging trends from agribusinesses across North America over the last twelve months.
Agribusiness HR Review

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