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As career specialists in the agriculture and food industries, the team has extensive experience in special projects, market research, surveys, and more. Connect with to discuss your needs. We also have talented staff who excel at presenting on various topics in HR, recruiting, job search strategies, career planning, industry and job trends, and agri-food-specific subjects. 


Let help with your training and consulting needs. Meet our experienced staff below:


Kathryn Doan


Kathryn Doan, CVO, Director 

Specialties: Job & Industry Trends, Professional & Leadership Development, Strategic & Business Planning 



Kathryn Doan is the Chief Vision Officer and business Director of the Talent Solutions Teams, including,, and the De Lacy Executive Recruitment group of businesses. She has been a key member of the team for more than 20+ years. She is passionate about agriculture and food, connecting people, and developing strong relationships in the food value chain to develop strong rural communities.

As a first-generation turkey and crop farmer with her husband and their four girls, Kathryn is focused and committed to growing and developing the career solutions business' that provides Talent Solutions for individuals, farmers, and agriculture and food businesses locally and across the globe.

Kathryn is an alumnus of the University of Guelph with a bachelor's degree and Diploma. She also volunteers as Chairperson of the Board of Directors with AgScape, bringing agriculture and food curriculum into the classroom.

Kathryn is a visionary and strategic leader who can picture the vision and future and formulate comprehensive plans for successful business growth. As an innovator, developer, motivator, risk-taker, negotiator, and problem solver, Kathryn stands out in the world of leadership, pushing the boundaries and ensuring the company's continuous success. Kathryn's passion is to advocate for farmers, agriculture, and food businesses to connect people to career opportunities in our full value chain.


Bonnie Johnson


Bonnie Johnson, Marketing & Communications Manager 

Specialties: Job Search Tactics, Career Preparation, Intern & Student Development, Job & Industry Trends, Candidate Experience & Engagement, Employment Branding 



Bonnie Johnson has twenty-plus years of professional marketing experience, including over thirteen years with

As the Marketing & Communications Manager, she leads the team and brand through marketing and communications efforts. This includes internal and external communications, digital marketing, events, company branding, market research, and data analysis. Bonnie is passionate about connecting candidates and employers in the vital agricultural sector. She offers comprehensive insights into job search strategies, career development opportunities, and enhancing the employee experience.

Raised on a crop, dairy and poultry farm in Northeast Iowa, Bonnie has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Northern Iowa, and a master’s degree from Iowa State University. Beyond her work with, Bonnie’s family is heavily involved in farming, precision ag technology and animal health.


Paula West


Paula West, Digital Experience Project Manager 

Specialties: Personal Branding, Equality in the Workplace, Empowerment & Belonging, Importance of Networking



Paula West, Digital Experience Project Manager, embodies resilience and dedication, with a remarkable 10-year journey in marketing. Her story began on a rural farm, where she shattered gender stereotypes, fostering a commitment to equality. Navigating the male-dominated commercial construction industry, Paula recognized the need for increased support for women, becoming a vocal advocate for gender equality. 

Beyond her professional achievements, Paula's philanthropic spirit shines through her leadership in orchestrating a transformative Women's Build with Habitat for Humanity in London, Ontario, engaging over 60 female volunteers and has travelled twice to Honduras to build schools, influencing young women in developing countries to consider non-traditional work.  

With certificates in marketing and project management from Fanshawe College and Western University, Paula's educational journey complements her wealth of marketing experience. As Digital Experience Project Manager, Paula West's narrative is a testament to resilience, dedication, and the transformative power of diversity. 


Katie Hunter


Katie Hunter, Talent Solutions Manager & Recruitment Specialist

Specialties: Career Development, Recruitment, Job Search and Preparation.



Katie Hunter, an alumnus of the University of Guelph with a degree in Agriculture, is passionate about connecting people to careers in the agricultural and food industry. Hailing from a dairy farm, Katie's deep-rooted connection to agriculture fuels her dedication to connecting job seekers and employers within the sector. 

Currently serving as the Talent Solutions Manager at, Katie collaborates closely with employers and job seekers, utilizing her industry acumen to forge meaningful connections. Her passion for the agricultural world reflects not just a career but a way of life. 

Katie's journey in talent acquisition has equipped her with a unique perspective, having successfully engaged with students, job seekers, and employers. Her presentations shed light on the diverse opportunities and paths available within the agricultural domain. Whether addressing aspiring students, seasoned professionals, or employers shaping their teams, Katie helps to connect her audience to the many opportunities in the industry.

In a world where the agricultural and food industry is evolving rapidly, Katie steers individuals towards fulfilling careers that align with their passion and skills. Katie is dedicated to the growth and prosperity of the agriculture community and enjoys talking to an audience about the many opportunities available! 


Meredith Shepard


Meredith Shepard, Recruitment Manager

Specialties: Recruiting, Resumes & Online Profiles, Interview Preparation & Process, Working with Recruiters, Student Recruitment 



Meredith Shepard is the Recruitment Manager for De Lacy Executive Recruitment. She is a Certified Professional Recruiter and has 12 years of experience in recruiting ranging from collegiate recruitment to executive recruiting in the agriculture and food processing sectors 

Meredith grew up in the horticulture/greenhouse industry and holds a bachelor's degree from Oklahoma State University and an MBA from the University of Central Oklahoma.  


Nicole Gallace


Nicole Gallace, Talent Solutions Manager

Specialties: Recruiting & Hiring Gen Z/ Recent grads, Food & Beverage Processing Sector, Careers Resources for Students, Job Seekers and Newcomers



Nicole Gallace is a Talent Solutions Manager focused on the food and beverage processing industry. After ten years of third-party recruiting in the industry, she noticed a gap in support for students and graduates starting their careers. She also saw the need to attract people to careers in the sector  


Nicole sold FoodGrads in 2021 to the talent solutions group that owns,, and De Lacy North America. She continues to grow FoodGrads—supporting students and grads and increasing relationships with colleges and universities—and has gone back to her roots, partnering with organizations as a third-party recruiter to support their hiring needs.  

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