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Let help you with your training and consulting needs. Contact for more detailed information and pricing on the listed training and consulting options below. If you do not see a particular topic covered that you are interested in, please do not hesitate to ask us for assistance. If we are unable to provide the training, we have a network of others that we could recommend.




Leadership Enhancement

Audience: Managers

This short course will go beyond the basics and give practical application and practice to long-standing leadership theory. The fun, interactive approach takes complex principles and works them into educational activities that participants remember. This workshop will cover in detail motivation, accountability, conflict resolution, leadership styles, communication and delegation.



Generational Differences

Audience: HR professionals and/or managers

How can you best manage the generations in the workplace? You must first understand their differences. This engaging overview of the four different generations found in the workplace — Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and Millennials, will help participants better understand these differences and how to better recruit, manage, collaborate and retain employees across multiple generations.



Recruiting Best Practices

Audience: HR professionals, recruiters, and/or hiring managers

This short workshop is geared toward small to medium-sized organizations that need guidance as to how to find talent. This session will explore places to find recruits, such as schools, newspapers, online job boards, as well as non-traditional avenues. The trainer will give advice on how to effectively sell your organization through attractive and action-provoking job descriptions and job postings. Finally, this session is rounded out by a look at ‘Employer Branding’ and includes suggestions for improvement.



On-Campus Employer Branding Strategies

Audience: HR professionals, recruiters, managers and/or owners

This session is for organizations that look to use new graduates (either four-year or two-year) to fill potential positions within their organization. Geared toward small and medium-sized organizations, this course will give suggestions as to how these groups compete with larger organizations with bigger budgets. Learn new tactics that are working and how to make the most of the traditional methods of on-campus recruiting.



Building a Pipeline of Employees through Effective Internships

Audience: HR professionals, intern mentors, managers and/or owners. Internship programs are a great and affordable way to try out new, young talent for your organization. However, this is not enough --- as an employer you should be committed to providing that student with a meaningful work experience. This is how internships start working for you! Learn how to develop a program; what constitutes a ‘meaningful’ experience; how to attract students to your openings; and effective follow through in order to get the return on your investment.




Employee Satisfaction Survey

Audience: Business groups with less than 100 employees

Periodically, gathering climate feedback is critical to understand what things are going well and what areas may be opportunities for improvement. A climate assessment, or employee satisfaction survey, is a guided tool to analyze your business group and business management team. Specific questions may be tailored for your company around the areas of job responsibilities, management, compensation/benefits, and overall satisfaction/employee morale. The tool is designed to be utilized as a confidential employee survey tool to collect more detailed and direct feedback from randomly selected team members across a business unit or department. The’s team can gather employee feedback through a variety of manners, such as on-site interviews, phone calls, or online surveys. A detailed report with specific feedback from your team and detailed recommendations for improvement is then compiled.



Building Internship (Summer Work Experience) and Trainee Programs

Audience: HR professionals or managers /owners

Let help you get an internship program or trainee program started. This customized consulting package will begin by identifying your needs and provide a plan to help you accomplish that goal. can assist with hiring a program coordinator; training a coordinator; develop a marketing tool kit for recruitment; provide suggestions on ways to connect with talent; efforts around employer branding; training tools for intern mentors and much more.



Campus Ambassador Program Development

Audience: HR professionals, recruiters, managers and/or owners

Current students can be great representatives for your company on campus. will work with your staff to develop position descriptions for Campus Ambassadors to educate their peers about your company. will post and promote the positions as well as screen and select Campus Ambassadors. will assist with planning an event to host campus ambassadors during an on-site training visit to your organizations site. Ambassadors will be provided with direction in regards to weekly accountability tracking, sourcing campus contacts, along with communication/distribution of company products. will also review training material your company provides each ambassador, to ensure a well organized Ambassador Training Kit. Finally, will conduct an overall evaluation from ambassadors to provide your company with feedback regarding the program.



Internship Benchmark Survey

Audience: HR professionals and internship coordinators

This two-part survey, allows participating companies to seek out anonymous feedback about their internship program from their own interns as well as an industry report to help benchmark their program against others in the industry. The first survey is administered at the beginning of a student’s internship and asks about their expectations, the recruiting process, etc. The second survey asks students if their expectations were met, perks of the internship, likes and dislikes, and more. Participation in this survey is a great way to gain insight into the success of your program!



Specialized Consulting Projects

With all of the potential training and consulting opportunities out there, it is hard to outline each in great detail. However, if you have a training or consulting need, please let know. We’d be happy to see if we can assist and provide you with a personalized proposal.





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