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Upcoming Webinars & Workshops:
Internship Programs for Success - 2 Part Virtual Workshop
April 06, 2020 - April 07, 2020

Internships can be a great resource for building an engaged pipeline of talent for your organizations. Getting your internship program right is critical. This two-part virtual workshop for just $294, is a great way to keep up-to-speed with the ins and outs of today's students and their desires for an internship.



Interviewing Tips to Uncover Soft Skill Competency
May 08, 2020

Hiring managers are usually able to gather an accurate picture of a candidate’s hard skills on paper and in an interview. However, soft skills can be a bit more challenging to gauge. And, as is often the case, they can be the most important to foresee ahead of time in order to make a great hire that will help your business succeed. What are the tactics you can employ in an interview to make sure you are uncovering shining soft skills key to your open role and organizational success?



Mental Health: Navigating for Workplace and Employee Benefit
August 06, 2020
Omaha, Nebraska

This workshop, being held in conjunction with the Ag & Food HR Roundtable, is for those that have an interest in exploring the growing awareness of mental health within our workplaces.  If you can't make it to the Roundtable, but would like to attend this workshop we'll provide a well-rounded overview and deeper understanding of mental health, from having the conversations to preparing as a manager; and legalities to providing an accepting workplace.



Accommodating Invisible Disabilities
September 11, 2020

Invisible disabilities include conditions that cannot be directly observed. An employee dealing with a major depressive disorder struggling to get out of bed in the morning. A staff member agonized with chronic pain unable to stand for long periods of time. An intern experiencing debilitating migraines from the sheen of computer screens and fluorescent lights. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for employees with known disabilities, and these include invisible disabilities.



Webinars Available On-Demand:
$189 each. Link will be emailed within one business day for established accounts, and upon payment from new clients.
Advancing Diversity & Inclusion Efforts in Your Organization

Diversity is not something new to the agricultural industry. Incredible advancements to the industry and mankind contributed by diverse scientists are held with the highest regard. Yet in a recent study by, only 53% of participating agricultural organizations said their recruiting strategies were aimed at increasing the diversity represented in their organization. While this is not a problem, per se, diversity is important in every industry and in order for the best and brightest minds to succeed, attention should be paid to diversity and inclusion efforts. 

Attend this webinar to gain a better understanding of what diversity and inclusion looks like in the ag industry. You’ll be walked through steps to better increase your diversity and inclusion recruitment as well as retention efforts that can be implemented organizationally. Pre-approved for SHRM credit.


Subject to Change: Coping Strategies for Changing Times

Mergers, buy-outs, retirements, and many more increasingly common factors challenge the agricultural workplace we know and love. In an industry (and world) where change is constant, where the norm we’ve grown accustomed to is seemingly always under threat, how can we be prepared, and prepare those around us, for inevitably changing times? 

Strategize to handle and process discomfort and discontent in an industry so subject to change by attending this webinar. Learn how to positively approach what may be perceived as a threatening change. Gain new ideas for reducing stress and anxiety surrounding whatever change your workplace may be facing. Equip yourself and your employees for changing times. Pre-approved for SHRM credit.  


Delivering a Meaningful Candidate Experience

The candidate experience can be defined in several ways, but in short, it consists of the engagements and interactions made with candidates during the recruitment and hiring process. These interactions, however small and by whatever means, all tally toward the candidate’s overall impression of an organization. A meaningful candidate experience can have a number of powerful effects to create lasting interest in your organization.


Learn how to create that coveted experience to benefit your organization in this webinar for recruiters, hiring managers, executives, and HR professionals. Regardless of the experience, your candidates will tell others about it. research will be shared in this eye-opening webinar inside the mind of the candidate. Influence that narrative from the start by creating a positive and lasting impression through a meaningful candidate experience. Pre-approved for SHRM credit. 


Difficult but Necessary: Having Key Conversations

When people problems arise at work, we have choices. We can manage troublesome situations the way many people do, ignore them. Or we can make a conscious choice to effectively confront issues—even when the issues are complicated, difficult, and lead us out of our comfort zone.


In this webinar we will show you how to conduct a difficult conversation that leads to improved relationships and increased productivity. You will leave the webinar with a better understanding of yourself and others and increased confidence when holding a difficult conversation. Pre-approved for SHRM credit. 


Crafting Effective Job Descriptions

If you have noticed a sharp decline in applications, you are likely not alone. Are you writing your job advertisements in a way that will attract and entice candidates to apply? 


Get the most out of your job description by following expert advice presented in this webinar. You’ll be guided through the do’s and don’ts of job posting language, the most important elements to include, and what will send potential candidates to the “apply” button. Even learning about when to post can improve your job posting’s success. Gain applications from great candidates when you craft an effective job description. Pre-approved for SHRM credit.


Bridging the Skilled Trade & 2 Year Recruiting Conundrum

For many agribusinesses, the skilled trade and 2-year college graduate talent pool is unfamiliar &/or inaccessible territory. However, as competition for talent mounts and skilled workers are few in number, community colleges and trade schools have become more attractive for recruitment. How do you alter your current collegiate recruitment strategies to fit and impress this unique talent pool? 


Join us for a webinar discussion to arm you with confidence to navigate recruitment among two-year and skilled trade program students. We’ll explore different strategies for building relationships with community colleges and skilled trade programs as a means to targeting and building this crucial talent pipeline. Pre-approved for SHRM credit.


Leadership Coaching for New Managers

Becoming a new manager is difficult, and it doesn’t always come with an experienced mentor or a handbook. Rather, it comes with questions and challenges. 


Register for this webinar and experience a virtual coaching session on becoming an effective new manager. You’ll learn about different leadership styles and approaches as well as how to acclimate yourself to working successfully with your new team. This webinar will also walk you through various experiences new managers typically have when working with a team including giving feedback, fostering teamwork, and delegating tasks. Pre-approved for SHRM credit.


Building High Trust Teams

Our goal as leaders is to create high performing teams in order to deliver exceptional results to the customers we serve. But creating a high performing team isn’t just about the process or the product, it’s about the people. Research continually shows that the highest performing teams have Psychological Safety, defined as “A belief that one will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns or mistakes." 


To create Psychological Safety requires us to build high trusting relationships, especially between leaders and their team members. Take a deep dive into what Psychological Safety is, & its connection to trust, steps you can take to build high trusting teams, and tips for how you can repair a relationship where trust is gone. 


Benefits & Culture: Is Your Organization Really Family Friendly?

Many organizations tout their family friendly environment and work-life balance, but is this realistic? Organizational decisions must fit your mission, culture, and processes. Parental leave, vacation and sick time, recognition, and many other benefits have a strong impact on company culture. Your culture quite simply is what your people say it is, it’s not what you put on your poster.


Learn about trending benefits and how they impact your business metrics and productivity. Presented by Beth Shelton, CEO of Girls Scouts of Greater Iowa, who has received national accolades for her work and innovation. Beth led her organization to record revenue and membership growth, while simultaneously spearheading a cultural transformation.