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Virtual Career Fair Success for Candidates
December 01, 2020

So much has changed in the past few months, including the workplace and the job search process. In this free webinar for candidates, we’ll explore the job market and how to navigate virtual recruitment, specifically virtual career fairs.


It might surprise you to find what has changed and what has remained the same. Most employers are continuing their recruitment and hiring, despite COVID-19. However, much of the process has gone online, including career fairs, applications, interviews, plus even training, and possibly the job itself.


Standing Out in a Virtual Interview
December 18, 2020

Virtual recruitment is the new normal, with the virtual interview becoming an essential part of the hiring process. Face-to-face interviews efficiently adapted to video platforms, while hiring and onboarding are going virtual too. Sometimes you may get a job offer before ever meeting in-person! How do you assess company culture and job fit virtually?


For years we’ve advised candidates how to impress in an in-person interview and what questions to ask. Although some ways to stand out have stayed the same, there are some very distinct considerations for the virtual interview. In this free webinar for candidates, you’ll learn ways to be a standout candidate in an online job interview.


The Evolving Workplace
January 29, 2021

It’s not your grandparent’s workplace anymore—in fact, it’s likely today doesn’t even resemble your 2019 workplace either! Workplaces were changing, but nothing pushed their evolution as fast as the COVID-19 pandemic. will share their research and insights on the pandemic’s impact on employment in the agriculture and food industries. We’ll discuss temporary changes, and what is here to stay regarding employee recruiting, hiring, and management. Discover how the agricultural workplace is evolving, and how your organization needs to develop to stay relevant in this free webinar for employers.


Webinars Available On-Demand:
$189 each. Link will be emailed within one business day for established accounts, and upon payment from new clients.
Bridging the Skilled Trade & 2 Year Recruiting Conundrum

For many agribusinesses, the skilled trade and 2-year college graduate talent pool is unfamiliar &/or inaccessible territory. However, as competition for talent mounts and skilled workers are few in number, community colleges and trade schools have become more attractive for recruitment. How do you alter your current collegiate recruitment strategies to fit and impress this unique talent pool? 


Join us for a webinar discussion to arm you with confidence to navigate recruitment among two-year and skilled trade program students. We’ll explore different strategies for building relationships with community colleges and skilled trade programs as a means to targeting and building this crucial talent pipeline. Pre-approved for SHRM credit.


Leadership Coaching for New Managers

Becoming a new manager is difficult, and it doesn’t always come with an experienced mentor or a handbook. Rather, it comes with questions and challenges. 


Register for this webinar and experience a virtual coaching session on becoming an effective new manager. You’ll learn about different leadership styles and approaches as well as how to acclimate yourself to working successfully with your new team. This webinar will also walk you through various experiences new managers typically have when working with a team including giving feedback, fostering teamwork, and delegating tasks. Pre-approved for SHRM credit.


Building High Trust Teams

Our goal as leaders is to create high performing teams in order to deliver exceptional results to the customers we serve. But creating a high performing team isn’t just about the process or the product, it’s about the people. Research continually shows that the highest performing teams have Psychological Safety, defined as “A belief that one will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns or mistakes." 


To create Psychological Safety requires us to build high trusting relationships, especially between leaders and their team members. Take a deep dive into what Psychological Safety is, & its connection to trust, steps you can take to build high trusting teams, and tips for how you can repair a relationship where trust is gone. 


Benefits & Culture: Is Your Organization Really Family Friendly?

Many organizations tout their family friendly environment and work-life balance, but is this realistic? Organizational decisions must fit your mission, culture, and processes. Parental leave, vacation and sick time, recognition, and many other benefits have a strong impact on company culture. Your culture quite simply is what your people say it is, it’s not what you put on your poster.


Learn about trending benefits and how they impact your business metrics and productivity. Presented by Beth Shelton, CEO of Girls Scouts of Greater Iowa, who has received national accolades for her work and innovation. Beth led her organization to record revenue and membership growth, while simultaneously spearheading a cultural transformation.