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Performance Reviews, In-Person & Virtually: A Step-By-Step Process For Conducting Them Meaningfully and Effectively


One of the most critical areas of employee relationships—and one of the most considerable challenges management faces today—is conducting effective performance appraisals and determining appropriate merit increases.


Learn to give performance appraisals, both in-person and virtually, that help motivate employees to achieve goals and increase their value to the organization.


Since both managers and employees often view performance appraisals with anxiety, we must give attention to preparing for and conducting performance discussions that are objective, complete, and defensible. Learn how to get the best possible performance from employees.


$199, link will be emailed within one business day for established accounts, and upon payment from new clients.



The Great Resignation was a headlining U.S. economic trend, with over 38 million workers quitting their jobs in 2021. Leading nations are experiencing similar effects and creating pre-emptive immigration initiatives to restore labor forces for the future. Global competition for talent continues despite the pandemic effects of the past couple of years.


In this webinar, you'll learn the latest updates on immigration law within the Biden Administration and how it affects agricultural employers. 


Biden Administration Updates - Immigration Advancements and Their Impact on Agricultural Companies  

  • Allocation of additional H-2B visa numbers 
  • Expansion of majors that qualify for F-1 STEM status


Overview of Work Visa Options:

  • Seasonal Work Visa Options: H-2A and H-2B Visas
  • Full-time Work Visa Options: H-1B, TN, and others


What Agricultural Companies Should Watch Out For:  

  • Consular visa delays at US Consulates
  • Potential prevailing wage increases for the H-1B, E-3 & PERM programs 


$199, link will be emailed within one business day for established accounts, and upon payment from new clients.



Employers are responsible for ensuring employees are safe and valued in the workplace. Inclusion programs make certain that everyone feels respected, welcomed, appreciated, and heard. This practice helps employees feel they belong and can bring their complete selves to work.

Your organization may hire the best talent, but you also want to keep them. An inclusive workplace is one way to build an engaged staff that is more likely to stay. Are there ways your organization can be more inclusive? Can YOU be a more inclusivity-minded manager or colleague?

Developing a Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) campaign strategy can be daunting. In this webinar, we'll discover everyday acts of inclusion that most employers can implement immediately.

Learning Objectives: 
· The definition of and segments of an inclusive workplace culture
· What an employer's inclusion program includes
· Inclusivity do's and don'ts for an effective D.E.I. initiative
· Creating an inclusive workplace and an engaged team
· Managing & developing an inclusivity-centered workplace
· Simple acts of inclusion to incorporate into a workday

$199, link will be emailed within one business day for established accounts, and upon payment from new clients.


Compensation 101 Banner


Compensation is a high-priority issue in human resources, with the competition for talent and growing emphasis on pay transparency. In this comprehensive overview of compensation data and strategies webinar, we’ll discuss why you need compensation data and how you use it for human resource management.


We’ll start with the significance of in-house job reviews to assess the accuracy of your job titles and descriptions. Webinar attendees will learn how to benchmark and use salary data to implement competitive recruiting and retention strategies for their organization. Our expert presenter will discuss pay ranges, pay grades, and other factors to consider.


So, whether you are new to the compensation sector or already have compensation data at your fingertips, we’ll discuss how you can begin using that data to make informed, effective human resource decisions now.


Suggested Attendees: HR Generalists, managers, and professionals for small to mid-sized organizations.


$199, link will be emailed within one business day for established accounts and upon payment from new clients.




This cutting-edge 90-minute webinar will guide HR professionals through the transformative landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Human Resources sector as we enter 2024. Our session, "AI for HR in 2024: What Can AI Do For You?" is meticulously crafted to provide a comprehensive understanding of how AI technologies are revolutionizing HR practices.


Key points to be covered:

1. Introduction to AI in HR: Understanding the essentials of AI and its relevance in the HR world.


2. AI-Driven Recruitment: Exploring how AI streamlines recruitment, enhances candidate screening and predicts job performance.


3. Employee Experience & Engagement: Delving into AI tools that personalize employee experiences and boost engagement.


4. Training & Development: Harnessing AI for customized learning experiences and skill development.


5. Data-Driven Decision Making: Utilizing AI for analyzing HR data, predicting trends, and making informed decisions.


6. Ethical Considerations & Bias Mitigation: Addressing ethical concerns and strategies to mitigate biases in AI HR technologies.


7. Future Trends in AI for HR: Predicting future advancements and preparing for the evolving role of HR in an AI-driven world.



Target Audience: This webinar is a must-attend for HR professionals, managers, business leaders, and anyone interested in understanding the impact of AI on human resource management.



By the end of this webinar, attendees will gain valuable insights into the practical applications of AI in HR, preparing them to integrate AI solutions into their HR strategies effectively. Join us to explore how AI is not just a tool for efficiency but a catalyst for innovation in the human resources domain.


$199, link will be emailed within one business day for established accounts, and upon payment from new clients.


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