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About Us

The mission is to provide global talent solutions in agriculture and food.  We strive to “Feed the World with Talent” in the industries we serve. Our passion is agriculture, demonstrated by our investment in time and resources engaging with candidates and employers in the industry. works to build the pipeline of talent to the industry by expanding knowledge about the breadth of career opportunities in agriculture. 


Employer Community offers our employer community talent attraction solutions, a high-caliber human resources conference, compensation benchmarking, talent pipeline development, and much, much more. The online job board space where began remains a key focus, but in our mission to provide talent solutions,’s offers a variety of tools such as the Internship Program Benchmark, Agribusiness HR Review Report, Compensation Benchmark Review, and training and consulting


Candidate Community offers our candidate community an online career portal to explore industry job opportunities, add their resume to our database, review online career educational materials, and network with industry professionals.  Candidates can take advantage of many free tools to aid their job search and career progression process, including the Career Guides, University Partners program, career profiles, newsletter archives, and more. 


Our History

The boom of online job boards began in the early 2000s, and there was a recognized need to refine recruitment practices in the agricultural industry. The original business,, was launched in 2001 to raise the bar on recruitment practices and build the talent pipeline in agriculture.


In December 2003, AgCareers and merged operations to become the leading supplier of HR services to the agriculture and food industry. is an active shareholder partner in the business. serves companies throughout the world with offices and staff located across the U.S. and Canada.


Today the site has nearly one million page views every month, and has more than 4,000 jobs from employers each month. Office Addresses:

Corporate Office
Eastern USA Office
P.O. Box 1736
Clinton, North Carolina
28329 USA
Phone: 800.929.8975
Fax: 910.592.9410

Canadian Office 
90 Woodlawn Road. W.
Guelph, ON
N1H 1B2 Canada
Phone: 877.483.5729
Fax: 800.471.0799
Central US Office
1531 Airport Road, Suite 101
Ames, Iowa
50010 USA
Phone: 800.929.8975
Fax: 515.233.7187
Australia/New Zealand Office
E-mail: Contacts

Kathryn Doan
CVO, Director, Talent Solutions Team  
phone: 800.929.8975 x5191


Katie Hunter
Talent Solutions Manager
phone: 800.929.8975 x5204


Bonnie Johnson
Marketing & Communications Manager
phone: 800.929.8975 x6001


Paula West
Digital Experience Project Manager
phone: 800.929.8975 x235


Mary Barefoot
HR Solutions
phone: 800.929.8975 x5002


Chris McLoughlin
Custom Talent Solutions Specialist
800.929.8975 x243


Kimberly Torres
Talent Solutions Representative
phone: 800.929.8975 x5010


Maggie Earle-Sexton
Talent Solutions Specialist
phone: 800.929.8975 x5004


Kailey Larsen
Talent Solutions Specialist                                   
phone: 800.929.8975 x5009


Kim Potman
Relationship Development & Customer Care Representative
phone:  800.929.8975 x5017


Jack Ronson 
Talent Solutions & Customer Care Representative
phone: 800.929.8975 x271


Kelsey Hunt
Relationship Development & Customer Care Representative
phone: 800.438.5729 x5020


Clara Boles
Digital Marketing Coordinator 
phone: 800.929.8975 x5100


Sydney Mohr
Digital Communications & Events Coordinator
phone: 800.438.5729 x5018


Kat Botelho 
Graphic Designer
phone: 800.929.8975




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