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The Internship Survey provides a company with a student evaluation of the internship program in an industry benchmarking format. The survey provides positive and constructive feedback, in an anonymous form, from interns both at the beginning and after their experience.


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About the Internship Benchmark Survey:

  • The Internship Benchmark Survey is an ag specific survey. Various sectors and companies with 3 to 200+ interns have participated in the survey for the past seven years. Each year on average nearly 500 interns provide feedback to their individual organizations as well as contribute to the overall industry analysis.

  • The Internship Benchmark Survey provides both positive and constructive feedback in an anonymous analysis. The analysis provides employers an opportunity to gauge student expectations and deliverables. Not only do you get to review what your own interns expect, but you can see the expectations of interns throughout the industry. The fact that the survey is conducted by a third party allows interns to provide more open and honest responses.

  • The survey is conducted in two parts -- as the interns enter the internship and as they exit the internship. This two prong approach allows for specific questions relevant to recruitment and on-boarding as well as the wrap-up process. Examples of questions include:


Part 1:
- How many other internships did you consider?
- How did you find the interview process?
- What made you decide on this internship?
- What are 3 things we can do to make this a great internship?


Part 2:
- How would you rate the duties/responsibilities of this internship?
- Were you provided with a final review?
- What level of compensation did you receive for this internship?
- What would you suggest for improvements for future interns?
- Have you been formally or informally offered another internship or full time offer with this organization?


To participate, email Confirmation of participation must be received by June 1st. The first survey is distributed in late May/early June of each year.