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Agriculture and food employers know the advantages of making long-term investments in internship programs. is here to assist you in elevating your internship program to the next level—take a data-driven approach to maximizing your internship program!


The Internship Program Benchmark provides a student evaluation of your company’s internship program in an industry benchmarking format. collects information from your interns in a two-part survey to assess their expectations when starting their internship and their feedback on the experience at the conclusion. handles the work for you, collecting data in an anonymous form. It's as simple as forwarding an email to your interns! You’ll receive two reports from us, one during the internship and a final afterward. You gain invaluable feedback from your interns, plus shares data trends and extracts key performance measurables. As part of your organization's participation in the Internship Program Benchmark, you receive a complimentary 30-minute consultation to review your results and gain insights from our talent experts; they'll help you identify action items and areas of improvement and success.


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About the Internship Program Benchmark:


  • The Internship Program Benchmark is a two-part ag-specific survey for interns to tell you about their experience at your company. On average, hundreds of interns take part each year to give feedback to their individual organizations, as well as contribute to the overall industry analysis.


  • conducts the survey in two parts—as the interns enter, and as they exit the internship. The results give employers an opportunity to gauge student expectations and deliverables. Feedback from Part 1 allows organizations to check expectations and make needed changes, even during the internship. Part 2 provides an overview and conclusion, so you can adjust and build your program for the future.


  • Not only do you get to hear what your own interns expect, but you can see the expectations of interns throughout the industry. conducts the survey as a third-party, thus allowing interns to give more open and honest responses.


  • Complimentary 30-minute consultation from our expert advisors to review results and identify points of action.


Part 1:
- How many other internships did you consider?
- How did you find the interview process?
- What made you decide on this internship?
- What are 3 things we can do to make this a great internship?


Part 2:
- How would you rate the duties/responsibilities of this internship?
- Were you provided with a final review?
- What level of compensation did you receive for this internship?
- What improvements would you suggest for future interns?
- Has this organization offered you another internship or full-time offer?


To take part, email Confirmation of participation must be received by June 1st. distributes the first survey in late May/early June of each year.


5-25 Interns: $650

26-100 Interns: $1,000

101+ Interns: $1,250

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