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Florists are artists; they design and create arrangements of flowers for us to enjoy. Some arrangements are in vases, bouquets, sprays, or larger displays for a party or showcase.



What responsibilities will I have?

  • Design wedding or event flowers
  • Manage bookings of events
  • Deliver arrangements to residences, churches, funeral homes, weddings etc.
  • Provide quotes for various sizes and designs
  • Have knowledge of flowers to be able to recommend and suggest varieties for different arrangements
  • Take online and phone orders
  • Care for plants that are in stock
  • Appropriately greet and assist walk-in customers
  • Work to maintain cleanliness of the shop and maintain its appearance
  • Organize and clean the cooler
  • Must be able to work weekends as that is when many events utilizing flower arrangements are typically held


What education and training is required?

A high school diploma or preferably an associate degree in business management, floral design/plant landscaping. 


To pursue a career as a florist:

The following high school courses are recommended: Agriculture education, biology, horticulture, plant science, art, home economics, and business courses.


Where can I work?

You can work anywhere geographically. Most florist shops are small businesses. In larger cities you can find shops that specialize in large events or displays.


Future Job Market / Outlook

The future outlook for a florist will be good over the next five years. 


Suggested Professional Organizations and Associations *Depends upon area of expertise

  • Society of American Florists
  • American Institute of Floral Designers
  • Creative Floral Arrangers of the Americas
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