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Greenhouse Manager


Greenhouse managers are responsible for the daily operations involved with running a greenhouse or nursery. Depending upon the structure of the business you may work with the public or with possibly in a business to business arrangement. Greenhouses can be used for commercial plant purposes or in food production. 



What responsibilities will I have?

  • Oversee inventory of plants
  • Plan species to be planted in conjunction with holidays, climate, time of year.
  • Provide supervision over greenhouse workers
  • Be knowledgeable about the stages of plant life and diseases that may occur
  • Preform harvest plants or their fruits
  • Make recommendations on fertilizer and potting mediums
  • Effectively manage greenhouse equipment and computer controls
  • Explore ways to improve processes for more efficient growth and harvest yields 
  • Maintain breeding records
  • Forecast demand to determine plant populations
  • Ensure that operation is compliant with environmental regulations


What education and training is required?

A bachelor’s degree in horticulture is preferred but can also have an associates degree.


To pursue a career as a Greenhouse Manager:

The following high school courses are recommended:  agricultural education, a focus on sciences such as botany, biology, horticulture, and mathematics.   


Where can I work?

Greenhouse managers can work with a variety of plants including bedding plants, hydroponics, seed companies, shrubs or fresh flowers. Greenhouses could be owned by an independent owner or by a larger company.


Future Job Market / Outlook

The future outlook for greenhouse manager will be good over the next five years.  


Suggested Professional Organizations and Associations

  • Nursery Growers Association
  • State Vegetable Growers Association
  • Bedding Plant Growers Association
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