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Environmental & Natural Resources Engineering



Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering


Other/Related Variations

·       Environmental/Water Resources Engineering

·       Environmental Systems Engineering

·       Environmental Engineering



Degree Type/Duration

·       Associate’s Degree (2 years)

·       Bachelor’s Degree (4 years)

·       Master’s Degree (Varies)

·       Doctorate Degree (Varies)




This major offers the ability for students to pursue careers with a variety of natural resources such as water, air, plants and soil. These engineers will focus on designing systems for natural resource use such as watering stations or recycling waste management systems.


Coursework may cover the following areas: Design, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Biological Science, Thermodynamics, Fluids, Watershed Engineering, Irrigation and Drainage, Conservation and Nutrient Management, Green Chemistry, Pollution Control, Water Quality, Air Quality



Potential Career Paths


·       Biorefining Specialist

·       Conservationist

·       Energy Sales Specialist

·       Environmental Engineer

·       Ethanol Engineer

·       Fisheries Technician

·       Game Warden

·       Hydrologist

·       Wildland Firefighter



Additional Opportunities/Recommendations

·       Certifications & licensure available

·       Internship or work experience related to engineering or the environment

·       Wastewater Operator Certification

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