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BASF is the world’s leading chemical company. Our portfolio ranges from chemicals, plastics, performance products and crop protection products to oil and gas. We combine economic success, social responsibility and environmental protection. BASF employs more than 111,000 people across 170 countries and has over 16,000 employees in North America. Through science and innovation we enable our customers in almost all industries to meet the current and future needs of society. We have summed up this contribution in our corporate purpose: We create chemistry for a sustainable future. Our products and system solutions contribute to conserving resources, ensuring healthy food and nutrition, and helping to improve the quality of life.

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    Culture & Vision




    In the Agricultural Solutions segment, we aim to further strengthen our market position as an integrated provider of crop protection products, seeds, and digital solutions. The portfolio comprises fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and biological crop protection products, as well as seeds and seed treatment products. Our strategy is based on innovation-driven organic growth, targeted portfolio expansion, and leveraging synergies from acquisitions. Customer needs, societal expectations, and regulatory requirements are our innovation drivers for the segment.




    We create chemistry that connects – at BASF this does not only apply to the products, solutions and services that we develop for our customers. Every one of our employees is part of a team of more than 100,000 individuals, working together to turn our common goal into reality.


    Every day, our team members work on developing innovative solutions for customers around the world. Our employees’ passion, imagination, and determination are crucial to our success as a market leader. Whether you are a recent university graduate or an experienced professional, you have great ideas and skills, and BASF is the place to make your mark!  Although we employ over 112,000 people throughout our company, we dedicate ourselves to mentoring and guiding each individual to find the right path to their success.


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    About Us


    A Letter from Paul Rea, Senior Vice President, BASF Agricultural Solutions North America Regarding COVID-19



    We are the world’s leading chemical company, with the best teams developing intelligent solutions for our customers and for a sustainable future. BASF’s success as a company relies on the personal success of our employees. As a result, we aim to be an attractive employer that encourages our staff to develop their strengths and recognizes their achievements. With an incredibly wide range of positions on offer, we are better placed than the competition to recruit the finest technical specialists and managers.


    Diversity and inclusion initiatives have taken a front-row seat in the workplace. As a Diversity Inc. multi-award winning organization, BASF Agricultural Solutions North America, headquartered in Durham, NC is at the forefront of this movement in the Triangle and has made it a top priority. The right employees are crucial for our business success. We want to form the best team. A team of unique people with different qualifications and strengths. Individuals working together on the solutions of tomorrow.


    To build upon the strength of our workforce, we look upon the people who bring IMPACT.  Our holistic candidate approach takes into consideration YOUR professional and life experiences, your passions and interests, achievements, transferable skills, and overall fit for the job.



    Find out the path Kelly and Suzy took to become a part of the BASF team.



  • Benefits


    The you@BASF periodic table represents our Total Offer—the benefits, rewards, and opportunities that we provide. Explore some of the highlights below and for more information, reach out to your recruiter or HR representative.


    We provide you and your family with a wide selection of competitive benefits, including medical, dental, and vision plans, as well as life and disability insurance. But our benefits go beyond the expected.


    Retirement Benefits
    BASF offers tools, education, and resources to help you prepare for retirement, including up to a 10% 401(k) contribution—one of the highest in the U.S. The Company automatically contributes  5% of your eligible income and will match dollar-for-dollar the first 5% you save. So, by contributing 5%, you’re really saving 15%!
    Paid Parental Leave
    At BASF, family matters. At the times when you need to be there for those who matter most to you, BASF is there for you. That’s why we are proud to offer eight weeks of paid parental leave for moms, dads, and adoptive parents with at least 90 days of service to allow them to bond with their new bundle (or bundles!) of joy. This is in addition to the typical six to eight weeks of paid maternity leave that new birth mothers receive.
    Employee Discounts
    Little things can add up to big things in life. That’s why BASF offers discounts on everything from new cars and insurance, to cell phone plans, appliances, and personal computers.
    Family Care Solutions
    Life’s unexpected events rarely respect your work schedule. If you experience a disruption in your normal care arrangement for a child or adult, you’ll have access to our Back-up Care Advantage Program® from Bright Horizons®, which provides up to 80 hours of high-quality, affordable back-up care when you and your family need it most.
    Wellness Programs
    We provide opportunities to help you and your family be as healthy as you can be. Our Healthy YOU program rewards healthy behaviors. Plus, BASF reimburses employees 50% of the cost of eligible wellness programs and fitness expenses, up to $300 per year.
  • News


    Farming for Jena Ochsner and her husband Levi — a fifth-generation farmer — is truly a family affair, as they work alongside their young son and Levi’s parents. The pair is always trying new practices on their operation to ensure high yields, including testing new products on their corn and soybean acres and participating in programs like BASF’s RevX Fields.


    Innovation: A family matter for Nebraska RevX Fields growers 


    Welcome to our e3 Sustainable Cotton fiber-to-fashion supply chain as we interview BASF field reps, farmers, a textile mill, and major clothing brand that all use e3 sustainable cotton in their products. It a unique opportunity to see how e3 sustainable cotton builds value for farmers all along the supply chain.



    To start a dialogue between consumers and those in the agriculture industry about how food is grown, we hosted #DinnerIsGrown. Because where better to discuss important food issues like sustainability, food safety and stewardship than the dinner table?



    As the population continues to grow, biotechnology allows growers to produce more crops more efficiently while better handling crop pressures from disease to pests.








    Breaking new ground


    The Functional Crop Care unit harnesses innovations in both chemistry and biology to deliver new solutions to help farmers unlock agricultural potential from soil to seed to crop. 


    We recently launched Limus® onto the market. Limus® improves the level of nitrogen that plants can use from urea-based fertilizers. Farmers can simplify their use of fertilizers, increase yields, and see an improved environmental footprint all at the same time. 


    Our highly-effective seed solutions help plants develop their full genetic potential. Our portfolio encompasses treatments with chemical and biologically active substances, inoculants, functional coatings, and pigments. 


    Serifel® is a biological fungicide based on a Bacillus bacterium. Whether used alone or in combination with chemical active ingredients, it offers efficient prevention of fungal diseases.




    On the way to becoming a top product



    Once the effectiveness of a substance has been demonstrated in both lab and greenhouse pre-screening, it then undergoes extensive individual testing in the herbicide, fungicide, or insecticide research greenhouses. There, the substances are put through various testing stages, during which performance requirements are set increasingly higher. These greenhouse experiments also provide scientists with important data that they can use to chemically optimize the molecular structure of a prospective active ingredient. Only a fraction of the compounds tested will overcome this hurdle. 


    The most promising substances then reach the next phase of development: Every year, around 100 substances are selected for field trials where they need to prove themselves under nature’s real-life growing conditions. The field trials take place in the world’s leading growing regions and with the most important crops.


    However, the biological effect is only one characteristic on which the substances are tested. In parallel to the greenhouse and field trials, the impact on humans, animals, and the environment are tested.  


    Registration is the final step in releasing a new product onto the market. Before any crop protection product can be approved for sale, it must undergo independent risk assessment under the very strictest of conditions.




    Healthy plants, safe food


    A wide range of healthy food all year round – that's what today's consumer demands.


    Plants thrive with sunlight, water, and nutrients. Unfortunately, the same can also be said for pests, diseases, and weeds.  Anyone who has ever cultivated their own garden knows this. However, today’s consumers are accustomed to choosing from a wide selection of fresh, high-quality foods - day in, day out. This is possible thanks to modern, highly professional agriculture. 


    Farmers are faced with two huge tasks when growing food: They have to ensure sufficient crop yields and fulfill the high standards set by both the market and the consumer. Crop protection products help them do both. Healthy plants are essential to produce high-quality foods, such as fruit and vegetables that both look good and contain high levels of nutrients. 


    Crop protection products keep the plants healthy, giving them more vitality and enabling them to produce better fruit. This is an advantage for both the consumer and the farmer: The consumer gets better product quality and a greater range of foods at affordable prices, and the farmer benefits from more reliable harvest yields.    


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