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Other/Related Variations

·       Forest Ecosystem Management

·       Forest Resources & Conservation

·       Forest Resources & Management

·       Forest Science

·       Forest Technology

·       Park Management & Conservation



Degree Type/Duration

·       Associate’s Degree (2 years)

·       Bachelor’s Degree (4 years)

·       Master’s Degree (Varies)

·       Doctorate Degree (Varies - rare)




Prepares students to manage and develop forest areas. Students will learn to protect and enhance forest ecosystems to benefit production, wildlife and humans.


Coursework may cover the following areas: Chemistry, Environmental Conservation, Natural Resource Management, Ecology and Evolution, Economics, Forest Health, Forest Ecosystems, Sustainable Wood Products and Manufacturing, Ethics, Wood Uses, Decision-Making, Pesticides, Silviculture, Dendrology, Insects & Disease, Urban Forestry, Fiber Analysis, Wood Science



Potential Career Paths

·       Arborist

·       Fire Tower Watchman

·       Forester

·       Logger

·       Sawmill Operator

·       Wildland Firefighter



Additional Opportunities/Recommendations


·       Certifications and licensure available

·       Internship or work experience related to forestry

·       Study abroad

·       Volunteer experience



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