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Animal Nutrition




Other/Related Variations

·       Dietetics

·       Human Nutrition & Dietetic Sciences

·       Nutritional Science


Degree Type/Duration

·       Associate’s Degree (2 years)

·       Bachelor’s Degree (4 years)

·       Master’s Degree (Varies)

·       Doctorate Degree (Varies)



Students will study a variety of species including ruminant and non-ruminant animals. Students will often conduct research projects to help them better understand feeding and management systems that contribute to animal health and sustaining environmental quality.


Coursework may cover the following areas: Nutrition, Chemistry, Biology, Physiology, Ecology, Animal Health, Feeds, Psychology




·       Animal Production Systems

·       Applied Animal Nutrition

·       Environmental Nutrition

·       Molecular Nutrition

·       Nutritional Biochemistry

·       Nutritional Physiology


Potential Career Paths


Herd Nutritionist

Ruminant Nutritionist


Product Development Food Scientist

Flavor Technologist

Saltwater Husbandry Technician



Additional Opportunities/Recommendations

·       Internships/apprenticeships or other work experience related to nutrition

·       Job shadow a nutritionist

·       Research or laboratory experience

·       Veterinary school with proper pre-requisites

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