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Other Variations

·       Oceanography

·       Watershed Hydrology & Management

·       Hydrologic Science

·       Environmental Hydrology

·       Water Resources

·       Hydrology & Water Management



Degree Type/Duration

·       Certificate Program (Varies)

·       Associate’s Degree (2 years)

·       Bachelor’s Degree (4 years)

·       Master’s Degree (Varies)

·       Doctorate Degree (Varies)




Hydrology students will study topics about water and how to conserve it. These topics include occurrence, distribution, circulation and behavior of water in our environment. Students in hydrology want to find solutions to problems that affect the sustainability of water.


Coursework may cover the following areas: Water, Power & Society, Watershed Processes and Water Quality, Hydrology Science, Plant, Water & Soil Relationships, Chemistry, Groundwater Hydrology, Runoff, Erosion, Irrigation, Water Quality Management




·       Hydrogeology

·       Remote Sensing

·       Surface Hydrology

·       Water Management or Water Quality



Potential Career Paths


·       Conservationist

·       Environmental Science & Protection Technician

·       Hydrologist

·       Irrigation Specialist

·       Water Treatment Technician



Additional Opportunities/Recommendations

·       Additional certifications available

·       Internship related to hydrologic science

·       Wastewater Operator Certification

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