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Hot Sales Jobs in Australian Agriculture

By Bonnie Johnson,


What are the trending careers in agriculture and food? If you’re in the job market, determining your career path, or looking for a change of pace, sales positions are always hot and hiring on Also known as a territory manager, business development, relationship manager, sales manager, or sales agronomist, sales representatives optimize sales of their agricultural products and services in an assigned territory. Employers typically search for candidates with outside sales experience or agricultural industry expertise. If you have both – even better!

Sales roles are the most frequently posted career type on Every organization needs representatives to promote their product line, whether it’s to producers, suppliers, or dealers. Generally, there are three different categories of sales in the agricultural industry:

  1. Sales representatives for food, seed, feed, and fuel market their certain product to different companies within the agricultural sector including producers, suppliers, and dealers. To be able to do so, they are given a certain territory to work within.
  2. Feed and animal heath sales representatives are responsible for the selling of products that are manufactured by the company that they work for. They also service the products within the animal sector of agriculture.
  3. Sales representatives specializing in agricultural equipment, ag systems, or precision agriculture technology optimize retail sales of their products to an assigned territory.

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