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Veterinarian Jobs

A veterinarian is responsible for the care and health of animals and works to maintain and improve the health of the animals that they work with, including diagnosing, treating, and researching them. Job responsibilities of a veterinarian include diagnosing and treating animals that are ill or injured, vaccinating animals against possible infections, operating medical equipment used to either diagnose or help injured or ill animals, researching animal diseases as well as possible treatments and prevention tactics, inspection of living spaces for livestock, maintaining records for the animals that they treat, and prescribing medication to animals and advising the owner on the treatment and condition of their animal.

A doctorate or professional degree at an accredited veterinary school is required in order to become a veterinarian. Helpful job skills include compassion for animals, strong communication skills, strong organizational skills, decision-making skills, knowledge of animals and medications, ability to problem-solve, critical thinking skills, and active listening. The future job market outlook for a veterinarian is strong and increasing.

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Employer Jobs

Office Assistant
03/21/19 | Agribusiness - Input Retail, Cooperative and Related Crop Services - Veterinarian/Vet Assistant
Claremont, Minnesota, Mid-West United States, USA
Feedlot Cowboy (Grand View, ID)
01/15/19 | Agribusiness - Plant & Soil Sciences, Seed and Biotechnology - Veterinarian/Vet Assistant
Grand View, Idaho, West United States, USA
Director, Animal Health Laboratory
03/18/19 | Agribusiness - Animal Health - Veterinarian/Vet Assistant
Guelph, Ontario, Central Canada, Canada
Improvest Specialist
03/02/19 | Agribusiness - Animal Health - Veterinarian/Vet Assistant
Quebec, Central Canada, Canada
Seasonal Viticulture Scoutn - (Elk Grove, CA)
03/18/19 | Agribusiness - Chemical, Pesticide and Fertilizer - Veterinarian/Vet Assistant
Elk Grove, California, West United States, USA
Barge Cleanier Assistant Lead - Clinton, IA
03/16/19 | Agribusiness - Food & Beverage Products and Processing - Veterinarian/Vet Assistant
Clinton, Iowa, Mid-West United States, USA
Office Assistant
03/07/19 | Agribusiness - Input Retail, Cooperative and Related Crop Services - Veterinarian/Vet Assistant
ROCKFORD, Washington, West United States, USA
Professional Services Veterinarian
01/29/19 | Agribusiness - Animal Health - Veterinarian/Vet Assistant
Lethbridge, Alberta, Western Canada, Canada

Recruiter Jobs

Director of Health Services DVM (14431)
03/22/19 | Agribusiness - Animal Production - Swine - Veterinarian/Vet Assistant
None, USA