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Formulation Chemist



Formulation chemist design and develop new crop protection products, and supporting existing products that meet the needs of farmers.



What responsibilities will I have?

  • Plan, organize and conduct experiments to optimize the biological, marketing, regulatory, and production performance of products
  • Plan and control / carry out laboratory work to develop, understand and test new and improved manufacturing processes in order to meet agreed targets
  • Deliver critical information to leadership and fellow researchers
  • Plan and conduct laboratory support work to assist in the solution of manufacturing process problems and opportunities so that results can be implemented
  • Take an active part in scale-up and plant introduction of newly developed products
  • Develop and design new testing methods to ensure customer satisfaction with products under all kinds of conditions in the marketplace
  • Oversee product stewardship responsibilities for selected existing products
  • Benchmark competitors as a motivator to strive for innovative solutions for competitive advantage
  • Submit patents if needed for developed formulations
  • Organize, schedule and execute projects in accordance with company priorities
  • Help newly developed products move through the regulatory process


What education and training is required?

A master’s degree at minimum or preferably a PhD in chemistry is required to be a formulation chemist.


To pursue a career as a formulation chemist:

The following high school courses are recommended:  agricultural education, a focus on higher level mathematics and science: statistics, algebra, genetics, biology, chemistry, and physics.


Where can I work?

Formulation scientists mainly work in academia, in the animal pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology firms, alternative energy and for crop protection companies.


Future Job Market / Outlook

The job outlook for a formulation chemist will be good over the next five years.


Suggested Professional Organizations and Associations

  • American Chemical Society
  • Association of Formulation Chemists
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