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A biologist is responsible for the study and research of the basic principles of animal and plant life and how they interact with different environments. Job responsibilities of a biologist include collecting and analyzing biological data regarding relationships between organisms and their environment, studying environmental conditions that affect animals and plants, writing reports to describe findings, researching the basic principles of living organisms, maintaining and storing past and present data, and sometimes helping with the development of public awareness campaigns.

A bachelor's degree in biology, biochemistry, botany, or a related field is required to be a biologist. Helpful job skills include attention to detail, ability to work without supervision, ability to manage time wisely, good critical thinking skills, active listening, good problem-solving skills, and being able to learn quickly on the job. The future job market outlook for a biologist is fair.

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Field Biologist -18004284
01/28/19 | Agribusiness - Chemical, Pesticide and Fertilizer - Operations
Whittlesford, None, United Kingdom
Formulation Scientist
03/12/19 | Agribusiness - Animal Health - Scientist
Kalamazoo, Michigan, Mid-West United States, USA
Senior Computational Biologist
01/25/19 | Agribusiness - Plant & Soil Sciences, Seed and Biotechnology - Legal/Policy
Madison, Wisconsin, Mid-West United States, USA
Field Biologist-Nanning -18001175
02/20/19 | Agribusiness - Chemical, Pesticide and Fertilizer - Processing
TBD, None, China
Field biologist, Qihe-Shandong -18005573
03/12/19 | Agribusiness - Chemical, Pesticide and Fertilizer - Operations
TBD, None, China
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