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Aquaculture Jobs

An aquaculture technician is responsible for the raising of fish and marine plants for food, recreational and research purposes. They can also be involved with the design and development of equipment and sites. Job responsibilities of an aquaculture technician include providing care for the fish and marine plants, breeding the fish and marine plants, identifying common diseases found in the sites and taking the necessary precautions to prevent major problems, keeping records, developing and implementing systems to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the sites, maintaining sites to improve the conditions for the organisms, and assisting with experiments relating to the organisms.

Generally, a high school diploma is required, although a bachelor’s degree in biology or a related field would enhance the chances of employment for an aquaculture technician. Helpful job skills include strong observational skills, strong IT skills, knowledge of equipment and fish/plants, attention to detail, ability to work without supervision, strong organizational skills, and ability to multi-task. The future job market outlook of an aquaculture technician is fair.

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Employer Jobs

Class A Truck Driver
07/18/19 | Agribusiness - Aquaculture, Fishing, Seafood - Transportation/Truck Driver
Cutler, California, West United States, USA
Precision Feed Management Educator
05/28/19 | Agribusiness - Aquaculture, Fishing, Seafood - Education/Training
Walton, New York, Mid-Atlantic United States, USA

Recruiter Jobs

Custom Applicator
07/13/19 | Agribusiness - Aquaculture, Fishing, Seafood - Custom Applicator/Pest Control
Lanark, Illinois, Mid-West United States, USA