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Illinois Agriculture Scholarships

A A Wicklein Memorial Scholarship
ACES Study Abroad Scholarship
ADM Diversity Award
Allan G and Gloria F Mueller Farm Business Management Scholarship Fund
Anna Lou Johnston Roth Scholarship
Bennie L Johnson Scholarship
Billie Willis Award
Byron and Wilma Wright Memorial Scholarship Fund
Carl DeHart Memorial Farm Scholarship
Carl Lewis Memorial Scholarship Fund
Cash Awards Scholarship
Charles and Carolyn Long Scholarship
Charlotte Ann Russell Charitable Trust Scholarship
CHS Foundation University Scholarship
Citizens National Bank Scholarship
Curl Farms
Debbie Steck Steele Memorial Scholarship
Dennis and Mildred Boyd
Donald B Ferguson Scholarship
Dorothy Foersterling Waffle and Nathan Waffle Memorial Scholarship
Dr William Herr Scholarship
Eilene Nolan Morton Memorial Scholarship
Eugene G Mosbacher Scholarship Fund
Farm Credit Services Scholarship
Farmers National Scholarship Fund
Francis W. Kittinger Scholarship
Frank Ashton Lowis Scholarship
Fred E. Herndon Agricultural Industries Scholarship
Gateway FS, Inc. Scholarship
George E. and Mary E. Miller Scholarship
Gordon and Evelyn Brandt Thomas Scholarship
Gordon E. and Doris L. Thompson Scholarship
GROWMARK, Inc. Scholarship
H. Richard McFarland Scholarship
Harold E. Dustin Scholarship
Henry Clarence Fredrickson Memorial Scholarship
Herbert and Regina Krantz Moede
Herbert Mumford and Mildred Goold Scholarship Fund
Hugh P. Morrison
IAA Foundation Scholarships
Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association Scholarship
Illinois Society of Professional Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers Memorial Scholarship
Illinois Society of Professional Farm Managers Award
ISPFMRA (Illinois Society of Professional Farm Manager and Rural Appraisers) Scholarship
J. Kennedy Kincaid, Jr. Agribusiness Scholarship Fund
James Bradley McIntyre Memorial Scholarship
Jerry Warren Cooperative Education Award
John D. Phillips Scholarship
John G. Keller
John H. Bicket Scholarship Fund
John Mathews Memorial Agriculture Scholarship
John Moody Scholarship
Jonathan Baldwin Turner Scholarship
Joseph Lawitz Scholarship Fund
Kennedy J. Kinkaid Scholarship Fund
Kenneth A. and Vesta Stark Scholarship Fund
Leslie F. Stice Scholarship
Liehr Family Scholarship Fund
Lois G. Adams Fund Scholarship
Mabel Wamsley Roney
Margaret Lang Estate Scholarship
Mark Stewart Memorial Scholarship
Marshall Scott Scholarship in Agribusiness
Martha Wills Award
Matt Bjerkness Memorial Scholarship
Monica Elevator Scholarship in Agriculture
Myrtle Kunkle Andersen
National Agrimarketing Association Scholarship
O. S. Carman Scholarship Fund
Off-Campus Transfer Student Scholarship
Orion Samuelson Scholarship in Agriculture
Orville O. Mowery Scholarship
Pat Tweedy Memorial Scholarship
R. Gish Memorial Scholarship
Reid R. Tombaugh Memorial Scholarship
Rexford J. Weller Scholarship Fund
Robert and Dorothy Spillman Scholarship
Robert J. Webb Scholarship
Rollan Bonneau Scholarship
Ronald Filler Agricultural and Consumer Economics Scholarship
St. Clair County Farm Bureau Scholarship
Stanley L. Kaufman Memorial Fund
Stanton and Callie Foster Memorial Scholarship
Thomas James Neal and Lynnie May Rice Neal Scholarship
Tomlin Scholarship
W. Delmer and Beulah Murphy Memorial Scholarship
Warren Henderson County Farm Bureau-Agribusiness
William F. Coolidge Scholarship Fund
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