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Occupational Health and Safety Jobs

An occupational health and safety (OHS) specialist is responsible for reviewing, evaluating and analyzing work environments and ensuring that employers and employees alike are complying with the safety legislation in place. Job responsibilities of an OHS specialist include recommending new policies and measures to ensure that workers are protected from hazardous work environments, developing and maintaining workplace safety programs, collaborating with physicians and engineers to implement preventative measures to combat potentially hazardous conditions, investigating and reviewing workplace conditions to ensure the safety of workers, conducting safety training and educational programs for employees, and staying up-to-date with new legislation and developments in the health and safety sectors.

A bachelor's degree is required in order to be an OHS specialist. Helpful job skills include strong critical thinking skills, active listening, good communication skills (both verbal and written), ability to problem-solve, decision-making skills, ability to work independently, and knowledge of health and safety standards. The future job market outlook for an OHS specialist is strong and increasing.

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Employer Jobs

Safety Coordinator
02/14/19 | Food/Processing - Commodities and Trading - Medical/Health/Safety
Hazleton, Pennsylvania, Mid-Atlantic United States, USA
Safety Supervisor
02/24/19 | Agribusiness - Crop Production - Medical/Health/Safety
St. Joseph, Illinois, Mid-West United States, USA
Safety Coordinator
02/22/19 | Agribusiness - Crop Production - Medical/Health/Safety
Le Roy, Illinois, Mid-West United States, USA
Intern, Safety, Health, & Environmental
03/21/19 | Agribusiness - Chemical, Pesticide and Fertilizer - Medical/Health/Safety
Borger, Texas, South-West United States, USA
Operation Supervisor - Palmerston, Ontario
03/08/19 | Agribusiness - Crop Production - Operator/General Laborer
Palmerston, Ontario, Central Canada, Canada
Site S&OH Lead
01/30/19 | Agribusiness - Plant & Soil Sciences, Seed and Biotechnology - Logistics/Distribution
Rochester, New York, Mid-Atlantic United States, USA
Occupational Health Registered Nurse
03/07/19 | Agribusiness - Animal Health - Medical/Health/Safety
Charles City, Iowa, Mid-West United States, USA
EHS specialist
01/21/19 | Agribusiness - Equipment, Manufacturing and Technical - Medical/Health/Safety
Hsinchu, None, Taiwan
SHE Specialist
03/21/19 | Agribusiness - Chemical, Pesticide and Fertilizer - Specialists
Aurora, North Carolina, South United States, USA
Safety Coordinator - Quincy, IL
03/09/19 | Agribusiness - Equipment, Manufacturing and Technical - Operations
Quincy, Illinois, Mid-West United States, USA

Recruiter Jobs

Grain Location Manger (14405)
03/22/19 | Production/Farming - Commodities and Trading - Operations
Wisconsin, Mid-West United States, USA
Maintenance Manager
03/06/19 | Agribusiness - Food & Beverage Products and Processing - Maintenance/Repair
Durham, NC, North Carolina, South United States, USA