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A natural resources specialist is responsible for the promotion and protection of natural resources through the use of environmentally safe techniques and methods. Job responsibilities of a natural resources specialist include determining how best to use land without damaging the natural resources, implementing environmentally-safe methods and procedures, creating maps, monitoring wildlife within environmentally protected areas, ensuring that wildlife habitats are protected, collecting and analyzing samples, making recommendations on the usage of land, planning environmental maintenance improvements, developing specifications to ensure safety of environment, and following health and safety procedures.

A bachelor's degree in forestry resource management, forestry, environmental sciences or a related field is required to be a natural resources specialist. Helpful job skills include attention to detail, active listening, good communication skills (both written and verbal), good critical thinking skills, ability to problem-solve, strong decision-making ability, knowledge of industry, and good organizational skills. The future job market outlook for a natural resources specialist is fair.

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HR Consultant
02/23/20 | Agribusiness - Chemical, Pesticide and Fertilizer - Human Resources
None, Romania