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Irrigation Technician Jobs

An irrigation technician is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and inspection of irrigation equipment and irrigation systems. Job responsibilities of an irrigation technician include the installation of irrigation systems and equipment, demonstrating irrigation equipment to clients, regular maintenance of the irrigation systems and equipment including diagnosing any possible problems or malfunctions, repairing the equipment when needed, testing systems and equipment after repair to ensure good performance, replacing damaged or malfunctioning equipment, ensuring that inventory levels are kept, and following proper health and safety standards.

A high school diploma is required to be an irrigation technician, although some jobs also require an associate's degree in the field. Helpful job skills include active listening, good communication skills, attention to detail, knowledge of systems and equipment, good problem solving skills, ability to think critically, decision-making ability, and ability to think systematically. The future job market outlook for an irrigation technician is good and increasing.

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Employer Jobs

Production Technician
07/21/19 | Agribusiness - Plant & Soil Sciences, Seed and Biotechnology - Accounting/Finance/Asset Management
Danvers, Minnesota, Mid-West United States, USA
Farm Technician – Gonzales California
07/11/19 | Production/Farming - Crop Production - Technician
California, West United States, USA
Valley Irrigation Service Technician - Sunrise FS - Havana, IL
07/10/19 | Agribusiness - General - General
Havana, Illinois, Mid-West United States, USA
Field Crop Technician H / F -18008220
06/17/19 | Agribusiness - Chemical, Pesticide and Fertilizer - Technician
Sarrians, None, France
Agricultural Technician Lead
06/12/19 | Production/Farming - Crop Production - Operations
Tangent, Oregon, West United States, USA
Irrigation Operator/Technician
06/10/19 | Agribusiness - Crop Production - Operations
Plainfield, Wisconsin, Mid-West United States, USA

Recruiter Jobs

Irrigation Technician
07/20/19 | Agribusiness - Equipment, Manufacturing and Technical - Maintenance/Repair
Hancock, Wisconsin, Mid-West United States, USA
Irrigation Technician (EH-8142)
07/16/19 | Production/Farming - Equipment, Manufacturing and Technical - Technician
Nebraska, Mid-West United States, USA
Irrigation Technician (DC-7447)
07/15/19 | Agribusiness - Equipment, Manufacturing and Technical - Technician
Oklahoma, South-West United States, USA
Pivot Technician (KG-8069)
06/28/19 | Agribusiness - Crop Production - Technician
Nebraska, Mid-West United States, USA