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Fracking Jobs

A hydraulic fracturing engineer is responsible for the creation, implementation and management of the machinery and equipment used in the hydraulic fracturing process. Job responsibilities of a hydraulic fracturing engineer include determining the value of the oil reservoirs, analyzing geological data for oil purposes, determining possible extraction risks, monitoring the performance of the reservoir, preparing maps, reports and analysis, implementation or oil production procedures to improve efficiency, communicating with field workers, managerial and technical staff to improve machinery and equipment, and determining how to maximize production through analytical applications.

A bachelor's degree in mechanical, chemical or petroleum engineering is required to be a hydraulic fracturing engineer. Helpful job skills include ability to work in a team, ability to problem solve effectively, good IT skills, great analytical skills, decision-making skills, physical fitness, knowledge of the industry, and attention to detail. The future job market outlook for a hydraulic fracturing engineer is strong and increasing.

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