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A field or service technician travels to sites in order to perform installations, maintenance and repairs to equipment and to troubleshoot any problems the employees of the site might be having with the equipment. Job duties as a field or service technician include ensuring that equipment is repaired and properly maintained, installing, configuring and calibrating equipment, training staff on proper and safe use of the equipment, replacing worn and faulty parts, diagnosing equipment during scheduled maintenance, and logging installations and repairs in a database.

An associate's degree in the field related to the equipment being monitored is required in most cases for a field or service technician. Helpful job skills include strong customer service skills, ability to work without supervision, understanding of equipment, strong problem-solving skills, ability to organize work load and ability to understand technical manuals and diagrams. While it is forecasted that job opportunities will continue to grow for general field technicians, individual job outlooks depend upon the industry.

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Field trial technician (m / w / d) -18009026
05/27/19 | Agribusiness - Chemical, Pesticide and Fertilizer - Technician
None, Germany
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