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Wind Substation Technician



A Wind Substation Technician preforms installation, maintenance and testing of wind-energy collection sites where the power from the turbines is gathered.   


wind turbine substation technician


What responsibilities will I have?

  • Preform inspections of wind turbines and equipment associated with wind energy
  • Document work preformed in ether a written or computer logging system
  • Conduct all work in a safe matter
  • Interpret schematics to repair mechanical, electrical and/or hydraulic problems
  • Conduct voltage testing of electrical power equipment
  • Monitor project schedule as far as construction of new turbines and maintenance
  • Ensure compliance with corporate policies and programs
  • Responsible for substation maintenance and upkeep
  • Understanding of medium and high voltage electrical systems
  • Be familiar with the control and metering systems
  • Understand fire protection systems and provide or schedule service as needed
  • Understand and utilize detailed technical information to solve complex problems
  • Act promptly in reporting to the Site Manager any facility/equipment deficiencies in case of damages and/or emergency situations       


What education and training is required?

A Technical, Associates or Bachelors degree in wind or electrical technology is preferred. As well as experience in voltage testing of electrical power equipment.


To pursue a career as a wind substation technician:

The following high school courses are recommended:  agricultural education, agriculture mechanics, English, computer courses, a focus on higher level mathematics: statistics and algebra.


Where can I work?

Wind Substation Technicians are employed by electrical companies and cooperatives as well as some private energy firms. 


Future Job Market / Outlook

Wind continues to become a more popular source of energy. The job outlook for wind turbine technicians in the next five years is great.


Suggested Professional Organizations and Associations

  • American Wind Energy Association
  • Utility Wind Integration Group
  • Windustry
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