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Retail Branch Manager


A retail branch manager oversees the daily operations of a retail store including inventory, personnel, sales, and finances.


retail branch manager


What responsibilities will I have?

  • Handle merchandising, budgeting, credit control, accounting, inventory and expense control
  • Employ, train, develop, supervise and terminate personnel in a retail location 
  • Provide quality service within acceptable productivity ratios
  • Direct and perform fieldwork, including selling, and building good will
  • Comply with all government regulations to maintain a minimal level of liability for the retail location.  Examples:  OSHA Wage and Hour Law, EEO, Sales Tax, etc.
  • Operate the business for adequate return on investment to keep it financially sound
  • Responsible and accountable for all environmental and safety compliance at retail locations
  • Maintain good relations with local civic leaders, patrons and board, keep the company image at a very high level in the community
  • Supervise truck and equipment maintenance, routes, degree-day systems, use of loaned equipment, which requires climbing, crawling on and around equipment being inspected
  • Handle all complaints promptly and thoroughly
  • Responsible for budget compliance
  • Responsible for management of branch merchandise
  • Build relationships with suppliers and customers


What education and training is required?

A bachelor’s degree in agriculture business, or marketing is preferred. Depending on the nature of the retail store, animal, horticulture, crop science or soil science could also be sufficient.


To pursue a career as a retail branch manager:

The following high school courses are recommended:  agricultural education, mathematics, business courses and computer courses.


Where can I work?

Agriculture retail stores can be independently owned and operated or they can be company stores allowing a retail branch manager to be employed by chain for retail stores or within a privately held company or self-employed.


Future Job Market / Outlook

The job outlook for a branch retail manager will be good over the next five years.


Suggested Professional Organizations and Associations

  • Agriculture Retailer’s Association
  • National Agri-Marketing Association
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