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Research Technician


A research technician typically works in a laboratory assisting scientist conduct their research. In agriculture this could especially require work outside the lab potentially traveling to fields or farms.



What responsibilities will I have?

  • Operate and maintain lab equipment; may include heavy equipment
  • Ensure lab is properly stocked with materials needed to conduct research
  • Assist lead scientist in monitoring experiences and documenting observations
  • Record data from experiments and input data into software programs that may be used
  • Draft progress reports
  • Assist in the cleaning and sanitation of the lab
  • Monitor lab expenses
  • Assist in the seeding and harvesting of crops (may involve operating farm machinery)
  • Identify pests or diseases that may be present in a crop or animal
  • Provide treatment for disease or infestation through medication, herbicides, pesticides
  • Participate in research planning sessions to better understand work being done
  • Assist in the creation of presentations for meetings or other events


What education and training is required?

A bachelor’s degree in laboratory technology or degrees that are in the focus area of research like agronomy, horticulture, animal science, poultry science, or aquaculture.


To pursue a career as a research technician:

The following high school courses are recommended:  agricultural education, a focus on sciences such as animal science, chemistry and biology, and mathematics.   


Where can I work?

As a research technician you would work at a university, general research, seed, animal health or pharmaceutical companies.


Future Job Market / Outlook

The future outlook for laboratory technician will be good over the next five years. 


Suggested Professional Organizations and Associations

  • American Clinical Laboratory Association
  • American Society of Agronomy
  • Society of Clinical Research Associates
  • American Society for Clinical Pathologists 
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