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R & D Technician


A R&D Technician is responsible for assisting a researcher or research team with product development projects.


R & D Technicians provide support for researchers/reasearch associates on developmental product assignments.



What responsibilities will I have?

  • Ensure accurate sample preparation (weigh, measure, data record keeping)
  • Operate lab/kitchen and plant equipment
  • Maintain culinary presentation tools
  • Develop and maintain recipes
  • Compute formulas, percentages or production specific factors using chemical and mathematical procedures
  • Assist with scale up processes of prototype products into full production
  • Support commercialization of products by working with the Marketing & Sales and within the framework of the stage-gate process
  • Perform wet chemistry analysis (pH, salt, Aw, moisture, fat, protein and Ash) on finished product
  • Provide assistance with microbiological testing of environmental swabs, raw materials, and finished products
  • Contribute to product development and the establishment and implementation of processing activities, including safety, in the areas of aeration, depositing, and freeze drying


What education and training is required?

Associates degree in Chemistry, Biology, Food Science, or Food Technology some companies may require a bachelor’s degree in similar fields.


To pursue a career as a R&D Technician:

The following high school courses are recommended:  agricultural education, biology, chemistry and mathematics.


Typical Employers:

Food production companies, food chemical supply companies, and government inspection agencies.


Future Job Market/Outlook:

The future outlook for R&D Technicians is projected to be good to excellent.


Suggested Professional Organizations and Associations:

  • Produce Marketing Association
  • American Council for Food Safety and Quality
  • Institute of Food Technologist
  • Research Chefs Association


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