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Freezer / Refrigeration Specialist



Freezer/Refrigeration specialists direct, implement, audit and evaluate the maintenance, installation, and repair of cooling and refrigeration systems in the manufacturing and processing sectors. They play a very important role in food safety.



What responsibilities will I have?

  • Perform safe handling of refrigeration chemicals
  • Supervise the removal and placement of carcasses in cold storage rooms
  • Supervise the packing of meat and counts packs before freezing
  • Supervise the packing of frozen blocks into cartons
  • Ensure maintenance of machinery required for the freezing of meat products
  • Work closely and communicate effectively with supervisors to accomplish repair and maintenance and operation efficiency, including present and potential work problems with suggestions for new or improved designs or procedures
  • Knowledgeable of electrical testing equipment and basic hand and power tools
  • Ensure compliance with all company, federal, state and local regulations


What education and training is required?

An associate’s degree with refrigeration training is required. Training/certificates in food handling safety and processing is a bonus. 


To pursue a career as a freezer / refrigeration specialist:

The following high school courses are recommended: agricultural education, computer courses and mathematics.


Where can I work?

Meat and food processing plants that require products be frozen or refrigerated employee freezer/refrigeration specialist.


Future Job Market / Outlook

The job outlook for freezer/refrigeration specialist will be good over the next five years.


Suggested Professional Organizations and Associations

  • Association of Ammonia Refrigeration
  • National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association
  • Refrigerating Engineers & Technicians Association
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