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Career Counselor / Career Services Coordinator



Career services professionals are responsible for preparing and facilitating career preparation programs for students in either secondary or collegiate atmospheres.


career services counselor


What responsibilities will I have?

  • Design and implement career preparation activities, resources, and career events for students involving the job search such as resume writing, interviewing, professional dress, etc.
  • Regularly communicate career and internship opportunities to students
  • Develop and maintain a website and/or social media for students to access career and internship opportunities and information
  • Plan and coordinate career fair events
  • Meet with students one-on-one by request or during office hours to discuss career opportunities and preparation
  • Answer students’ questions regarding employment and placement
  • Oversee student placement into internships for credit
  • Serve as a liaison between the university or institution you represent and workforce representatives or potential employers in agriculture
  • Develop and cultivate relationships with potential employers through cold calling, mailing, networking, and site visits
  • Frequently communicate with collegiate faculty to incorporate career activities into their classes and curriculum
  • Partner with other offices or departments on campus to promote career services programming
  • Analyze and publish student employment data and statistics to ensure success of placement efforts
  • Monitor student employment requests from the community and surrounding areas
  • Participate in program advising meetings as well as department meetings
  • Remain up-to-date on new potential employers as well as career development news and trends


What education and training is required?

A bachelor’s (Master’s is preferred) degree in agriculture, agricultural education, education, counseling, or a related field is required to work as a career counselor.


To pursue a career as a Career Counselor/Career Services Coordinator:

The following high school courses are recommended: agricultural education, English, communications, and mathematics.


Typical Employers:

Career services professionals and counselors work in academic settings. They are more common in agricultural and land-grant universities and colleges, but some may work at the high school level.


Future Job Market/Outlook

The future outlook for a career services counselor will be good over the next five years. 


Suggested Professional Organizations and Associations

  • The National Career Development Association
  • National Association of Agriculture Educators
  • American Association for Agricultural Education
  • National Association of Colleges and Employers
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