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Why You Should Tell Your Non-Ag Friends About Ag


By Bonnie Johnson,


IF YOU’RE MAJORING in agriculture, thank you! You recognize the importance our industry plays in food security, sustainable energy, and environmental quality around the world.


I mentioned “Agvocating” to someone outside the industry, and they asked, “Is that even a word?” Well, it’s not officially in the dictionary, but we’re working on that!


You may wonder why you should give away the secret of this vital industry? Why should you tell your non-ag friends about our important industry? After all, you don’t want more competition vying for your dream job!


It’s a job seekers’ market, and there is a real labor shortage in the ag and food industry. We need people with agriculture degrees and farm experience, but we also need diverse experiences and education. Various educational backgrounds are already experiencing success in our industry. When we look at applicants on, 37% did not have an ag degree and 32% were not working in agriculture.


In the USDA report on Employment Opportunities for College Graduates in Food, Agriculture, Renewable Natural Resources, and the Environment 2015-2020, it’s estimated there are only enough U.S. graduates in these fields to fill 61% of the jobs.


A quick search of reveals the variety of positions available: Project Engineer, Research Chemist, Accountant, Public Relations Director, Software Developer, Logistics Coordinator, IT Administrator, and Digital Marketing Manager.


Employers may need to look beyond the college of agriculture to fill nearly 40% of openings. It’s clear there is plenty of room to share the story about the breadth of careers available in agriculture and food with friends across campus, and in other colleges.


So, tell your friends, share facts (not hype) on social media, and let’s Feed the World with Talent!