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Beef Specialist Jobs

A beef specialist is responsible for the inspection of all incoming and outgoing meat products, as well as the cutting of meat for selling purposes. Job responsibilities of a beef specialist include enforcing quality standards for both incoming and outgoing meat products, inspecting the meat products, providing reports on the quality of the incoming product, maintaining records on the quality of the products and any issues, ensuring health and safety standards are met, checking weight control measures and making sure products are of appropriate weight, ensuring that equipment is maintained properly, and preparing the meat for sale.

A high school diploma is typically required, although some positions require an associate's or bachelor's degree to be a beef specialist. Helpful job skills include good organizational skills, ability to work individually, good communication skills, knowledge of health and safety standards, knowledge of beef industry, and attention to detail. The future job market outlook for a beef specialist is fair.

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Employer Jobs

05/20/19 | Production/Farming - Animal Production - Beef - Sales/Retail
Nebraska, Mid-West United States, USA
Accounting and Administrative Specialist
05/10/19 | Agribusiness - Animal Production - Beef - Accounting/Finance/Asset Management
LaSalle, Colorado, West United States, USA

Recruiter Jobs

Technical Sales Specialist (14224)
05/21/19 | Agribusiness - Feed Nutrition - Sales/Retail
Wisconsin, Mid-West United States, USA
Trainee Technical Manager - East Midlands - HG015
04/11/19 | Agribusiness - Animal Production - Beef - Business Development/Strategic Management
East Midlands, United Kingdom, Northern Europe , Europe