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A beef nutritionist is responsible for ensuring that livestock dietary needs are met while still providing cost-efficiency to the business. Job responsibilities of beef nutritionists include determining the nutritional needs for the livestock, determining the animal's weight, determining how much activity the animal gets as well as attributes such as temperature and hair thickness, maintaining records on the feeding and nutritional process, working with clients to determine maximum production levels, and working with feed producers to help in the creation of new feed products.

A bachelor's degree in biology, animal science, biochemistry or a related field is required to be a beef nutritionist. Helpful job skills include active listening, good communication skills, attention to detail, good critical thinking skills, strong organizational skills, knowledge of the industry, animal care skills, and strong decision making skills. The future job market outlook for a beef nutritionist is fair.

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Feed Mill Manager (14315)
05/26/19 | Agribusiness - Feed Nutrition - Sales/Retail
Central, Oklahoma, South-West United States, USA
Territory Manager New York (14036)
05/26/19 | Agribusiness - Animal Health - Sales/Retail
New York, Mid-Atlantic United States, USA
Feed Mill Manager (14339)
05/26/19 | Agribusiness - Feed Nutrition - Sales/Retail
Texas, South-West United States, USA
GM Feedyard (14408)
05/26/19 | Agribusiness - Animal Production - Other - Operations
Eastern, Colorado, West United States, USA