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Agrologist Jobs

An agrologist is responsible for providing advice and services to professionals in the agriculture and environmental science fields. They also use scientific processes and procedures for the cultivation, production and utilization of plants and animals. Job responsibilities of an agrologist include performing pest control, inspecting and evaluating environments, promoting and educating the sustainable development of agricultural resources, collecting and analyzing samples, creating conclusions based on analysis, evaluating the quality of the crop and how it has been affected by external factors such as weather, and collaborating with stakeholders on land-use solutions.

A bachelor's degree in agronomy, soil science, agriculture, natural resource management, environmental management or a related field is required to be an agrologist. Helpful job skills include strong communication skills (both verbal and written), attention to detail, knowledge of the industry, strong public speaking skills, good critical thinking skills, good report writing ability, ability to think systematically, and ability to work without supervision. The future job market outlook for an agrologist is fair.

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Relationship Manager
05/24/19 | Agribusiness - Finance, Banking, Insurance and Real Estate - Customer Support
Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Prairies Canada, Canada
Manager, Agronomic Services
05/24/19 | Agribusiness - Chemical, Pesticide and Fertilizer -
Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Prairies Canada, Canada
Appraisal Agrologist
05/24/19 | Government/Industry Groups - Government, Policy and Legal - Agronomist
Regina, Saskatchewan, Prairies Canada, Canada
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