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A vineyard manager is responsible for the management of day-to-day vineyard operations, from helping with the wine-making process to budgeting to preparing vineyard events. Job responsibilities of a vineyard manager include managing and performing activities to do with harvesting of the grapes such as cultivating, pruning, planting, and irrigating the grapes and vineyards, dealing with pest control, spraying of pesticides and pest control products, developing and implementing a plan for where the grapes should be grown, protecting the vineyards from erosion, frost and other external environmental issues, determining a budget and keeping track of production levels, maintaining the business side of the vineyard, preparing vineyard events such as wine tasting and vineyard tours, hiring, managing and training staff, and interacting with distributors, customers, and guests.

A bachelor's degree in agriculture or a related field is required to be a vineyard manager. Helpful job skills include knowledge of the industry, strong communication skills, great management and leadership abilities, strong problem-solving skills, strong critical thinking abilities, attention to detail, and great organizational skills. The future job market outlook for a vineyard manager is strong.

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Employer Jobs

MSU Extension Educator
07/15/19 | Agribusiness - Education and Extension - Farm & Ranch Operations/Herdsperson/On Farm
Bellaire, Michigan, Mid-West United States, USA
06/24/19 | Production/Farming - Horticulture, Turf, Viticulture and Ornamental - Operations
Prosser, Washington, West United States, USA
Coordinator, Features & Education
06/17/19 | Government/Industry Groups - Education and Extension - Communications/Public Relations
Toronto, Ontario, Central Canada, Canada
Director, Agricultural Strategy Group
05/30/19 | Agribusiness - Finance, Banking, Insurance and Real Estate - Accounting/Finance/Asset Management
Overland Park, Kansas, Mid-West United States, USA

Recruiter Jobs

Applicator/Farm Assistant (EH-7579)
07/02/19 | Agribusiness - Crop Production - Custom Applicator/Pest Control
Washington, West United States, USA
Director of Vineyard Operations - UK - SG052
06/03/19 | Agribusiness - Produce and Produce Related Services - Business Development/Strategic Management
TBD, United Kingdom, Northern Europe , Europe