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Sensitivity & Cultural Intelligence Virtual Workshop
September 17, 2021

Sensitivity & Cultural Intelligence e-Workshop in October


Sensitivity & Cultural Intelligence e-Workshop

October 21, 2021 - October 22, 2021

We’re increasingly aware of diversity of all kinds—ethnicity, geography, politics, generations, beliefs, socioeconomic status, priorities, experiences, personal & lifestyle choices, and even industry sectors. In our increasingly global world, it’s not uncommon to see different cultures, ideologies and ways of life create division and tension when we should instead meet differences should with acceptance, respect, and inclusion.


This narrative is no different in our workforce. Being part of the workforce continually exposes us to new people and new ideas that challenge perspectives and ways of thinking. These delicate encounters can be difficult, especially when it feels personal. However, when we approach these uncomfortable conversations with open-mindedness and a desire to listen, we develop richer relationships and stronger teams.


In this interactive workshop, we will discuss cultural intelligence and sensitivity development. Cultural Intelligence, CQ, is the ability to work effectively in diverse cultural environments. Sensitivity development, an important segment of CQ, aims to make people aware of their own goals, as well as their biases, and more sensitive to others and the dynamics of group interaction. These are two essential parts of respecting the point of view and the story of others. 


Learning Objectives:

· Define cultural intelligence and sensitivity development

· Assess unconscious and implicit biases that stem from cultural background and perspective

· Methods to apply own and other cultures awareness to foster an inclusive workplace

· Identify the cultural characteristics unique to agriculture


If you are eager to learn about these topics and to create a safe space for conversation about cultural topics in agriculture, join our two-part virtual workshop for $295. Register now.


Presented by Myron McClure

Myron uses his servant leadership approach to provide specific expertise and consulting activities around inclusivity, equity, and diversity being more than a black-white subject or a cultural competency problem. 

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