Mill Manager

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Job Title: Mill Manager
Location: Pratt, KS, Midwest United States, USA

Company: Pratt Feeders LLC
Industry Sector: Production/Farming
Industry Type: Feed Nutrition
Career Type: Operations
Job Type: Full Time
Minimum Years Experience Required: 2

Job Description:

Mill Manager


Job Description

The job of the Mill Manager is to successfully manage the feeding and milling department of Pratt Feeders. It should be managed in a way that the feed mill is working at maximum efficiency and effectiveness. The feed mill is the backbone of everything we do as cattle feeding operation and the Mill Managers goal is to make feed as reliable, consistent, accurate, and as efficient as possible.


Below is an outline of job duties and expectations of the mill manager and by no means an all inclusive list of exact job duties. This is only an outline of the main duties involved with the position.


Utilize and further develop proper productivity & maintenance of mill systems and equipment.

  • Grain receiving pits, legs, drags, tanks, flow of incoming/outgoing corn trucks
  • Incoming feed ingredients trucks. Ex liquid trucks, ground hay, corn trucks.
  • Grain prep system, steam chest, flakers, flake bins
  • Boilers, water systems,
  • Batching systems including scales, weigh hoppers, mixers, haybarn, etc.


Manage and control operations & maintenance needs on all rolling inventory

  • 4 international feed trucks
  • 2 wheel loaders
  • EZ Ration hay feeder truck mounted
  • 3 pickups in mill inventory including mill manager, bunk reader, chore pickup


Sampling feed ingredients and finished rations

  • Flake samples should be taken daily from each roll mill and recorded in spreadsheet(In 3 ring binder in sample room).  Samples should be sent off to SDK labs on a regular basis. Weekly maybe if possible. If not, our nutritionist sends samples monthly during his regular visit.
  • Finished ration samples should be taken routinely. At least weekly, or more if you determine necessary. Samples should always be taken of our base 50 ration(steer finish ration) as fresh as possible from the bunk or feed truck.
  • Accurate records of flake and feed samples are a must in order to recognize the accuracy or any issues regarding the mill or feed rations coming out of the mill.


Communication with everyone involved with the feeding department and the yard

  • Communications with other department supervisors, Feedyard manager, office staff concerning anything regarding the feed department.  Examples Include equipment needs, corn schedules, open corn pits with office staff.
  • Communications with outside vendors concerning ordering and scheduling feed ingredients. Examples include ground hay, baled hay, liquid ingredients, micro ingredients, corn trucks(Jacque schedules corn deliveries per week).
  • Communications with employees on job duties, specific tasks, expectations, safety, etc.


Hiring, training, and managing employees and their job tasks and expectations

  • The Mill manager and Feed manager should work as a team to supervise the employees and make joint decisions regarding which employees are the best qualified to perform which job duties.
  • It is necessary for the Mill manager and the Feed manager to make a joint decision on any group projects or specific tasks associated with the feed mill. Examples include scheduling the cleaning of grain tanks, hay basement, etc as to allow enough workers present to safely do the job while still performing the usual daily needs of the feed yard.


Safety Training

  • Schedule, participate, and record monthly safety training for employees.
  • We have multiple options on a monthly basis as to what kind of training, the subject of the training, and the level of training. Some of our business partners, such as Elanco Animal Health, are available to help with teamwork, leadership, time management, efficiency training etc. 
  • We also have videos through the Kansas Livestock association regarding equipment safety, lock out tag out, etc. Options are also any hands on training that the manager decides to do, such as a training with Rotomix on feed truck maintenance and performance.


Bunk Reading

  • The Mill Manager and Feed Manager work as each others back up on the days off.
  • As Mill Manager, the is job duty is to act as bunk reader on the Feed Managers days off.
  • Duties include checking bunks 3X per day, adjusting consumption on a pen by pen basis as need, Receiving cattle into the system, assigning feed schedules to all cattle received, managing of the logistics of the feed trucks and loads through the batching system and deliveries through the yard.
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Job Post Date: 02/26/24
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