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Operator, Shipping

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Company Logo
Job Title: Operator, Shipping
Location: Aurora, NC, South United States, USA
Company: Nutrien Ltd.
Industry Sector: Agribusiness
Industry Type: Chemical, Pesticide and Fertilizer
Career Type: Merchandiser/Trader/Broker
Job Type: Full Time
Minimum Years Experience Required: N/A
Salary: Competitive
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Apply to this position
Company Logo
Operator, Shipping- (Aurora, North Carolina, U.S.A.)
At Nutrien, our Purpose is to grow our world from the ground up and we do so with safety and integrity as our core values. Nothing is more important than sending our people home safe, every day.
Nutrien is a leading provider of agricultural products, services, and solutions. With approximately 20,000 employees world-wide, we are the largest producer of potash (by capacity) and one of the world’s largest producers of nitrogen and phosphate. We also operate a leading agriculture retail network that services over 500,000 growers.
We harvest the best. Diverse views and experience make us strong. We look for people who have a safety-first mindset, who are collaborative team players, who deliver on their commitments, who are innovators in search of a better way, and who believe in inclusion.
Working at Nutrien will provide you an opportunity to help us Feed the Future, and grow your career.
This position reports directly to the Liquid Shipping Shift Supervisor.
What you will do:
  • Dump Tank Cars by breaking seal, removing pin, and pulling handle
  • Secure Man-way cover by using impact wrench or pipe wrench to tighten bolts
  • Spot tank cars for streaming by using radio to direct locomotive operator to align tank cars with dump stations and dollys
  • Work in Teams by one member of the team hooking up Bell connectors and then the other team member follows by attaching Steam Hoses
  • Weigh empty Sulfur Cars after dumping by spotting tank car on scale to obtain light weight, car number, commodity, scale weight, stencil weight, comments on special needs, name of person weighing car, and pull pink copy
  • Bleed system pressure from tank car by cutting steam off to the car, and opening bleed valves then wait for car to depressurize
  • Open man ways to prepare tank car for unloading by lifting lid on top of rail car and placing a bolt underneath the lid for ensure there is no vacuum, and listen for acknowledgement from teammate to move to the next car
  • Secure bottom caps to meet FRA specifications by using an 18-24' pipe wrench
  • Vent Tank Cars by removing man-way bolts to release vacuum, and then close lid once operator confirms tank car is vented properly
  • Keep work-site clean buy following housekeeping schedule and reports completion of duties to "A" Operator to log and confirm on daily report
  • Conduct inspections of steam and condensate lines by visually checking lines attached to tank cars to ensure lines are secure and no leaks visible and valves are aligned properly during steaming process
  • Troubleshoot work-related problems by visually conducting inspections on Steam Hoses, Bell Connections, Pumps, lights, Pit Level, plan Rail car movements such as track switching, and report concerns to "A" Operator
  • Conduct EBA's inspection by filling out form and hole punching bottle tag indicating that all components are in proper operating condition
  • Conduct inspections of safety showers and eyewash stations by performing function test and completing form, and then mark station tag to indicate proper working condition
  • Conduct inspection of emergency lights by pushing test button, and then completing inspection report and hole punching the station tag to indicate that lights are working properly
  • Conduct H2S bump test by attaching the H2S monitor test cylinder and releasing gas to activate monitor alarm, check log to ensure that all personnel and visitors have conducted test for their personal monitors, and sign off on log and files report
  • Conduct Lock Box inspection by counting and inspecting locks and completing inspection report
  • Conduct pre-operation safety check list for truck by inspecting horn, windows, parking brakes, wipers, tum signals, tires, brakes, seat belts, lights, instrument gauges, fire extinguisher, body condition, and sign off and dates
  • Conduct safe tank car movement by communicating with PAP and Switch Car Crews to ensure rail car movements are coordinated and each department is informed of all rail car movements during a 12-hour shift
  • Conduct Scott Pak inspection by entering information such as SKA PAK number, Air cylinder pressure, Air cylinder number, last Hydro test date, check off each item on the checklist, signs off and dates, and file report
  • Monitor ambient temperature and weather conditions to ensure sage work by visually checking wind direction, condensation on tracks, and heat advisory
  • Monitor and inspect breathing air system by visually inspecting tanks at the beginning of each shift and during the day, verifying pressure is at 100 psi at the dolly, closes off bottles below operating pressure and replaces with fully charged bottle
  • Monitor Sulfur Pitt and trenches by inspecting levels to ensure levels do not drop below coils that could cause the impurities of the Pyrophoric Iron Sulfide compounds to ignite
  • Complete Daily Utility Vehicle Inspection sheet by checking each item on form, signing off, and filing report
  • Complete Federal Rail Administration (FRA) daily report by entering Locomotive number, Crew date, inspected by, and signs off on report, then conducts inspection on necessary items on list, submits report to "A" Operator and then to general foreman
  • Operate Sulfur dump warning system by activating yellow flashing light on the pipe rack, indicating that Sulfur dumping is in process
What you will bring:
  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Curriculum training and on-the job-training for approximately 24 months
  • Ability to take immediate action when required, in order to prevent or avoid production losses, as well as, loss of life or environmental upsets while loading materials
  • Ability to communicate instructions, relating, receiving, and otherwise obtaining information from all relevant sources for the purpose of loading products and blend products is very important to daily activities
  • Ability to handle conflict may be needed when dealing with product shipment concerns
  • Ability to work at high elevations and in open spaces such as platforms and catwalks
  • Ability to wear required, company-provided Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)--i.e., uniforms, steel-toed boots, safety glasses, emergency breathing apparatus. Department has clean shaven safety requirement.
  • Ability to work 12-hour, rotating shifts
  • The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) testing is required for all hourly applicants of Nutrien-Aurora and must be uploaded along with your resume during the application process to be considered for employment with Nutrien-Aurora.
    • Applicants must complete this To apply please click on APPLY TO THIS POSITION
      Job Post Date: 01/20/21
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