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Welder, Maintenance-Mining

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Job Title: Welder, Maintenance-Mining
Location: Aurora, NC, South United States, USA
Company: Nutrien Ltd.
Industry Sector: Agribusiness
Industry Type: Chemical, Pesticide and Fertilizer
Career Type: Maintenance/Repair
Job Type: Full Time
Minimum Years Experience Required: N/A
Salary: Competitive
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Welder, Maintenance-Mining-(Aurora, North Carolina, U.S.A.)
At Nutrien, our Purpose is to grow our world from the ground up and we do so with safety and integrity as our core values. Nothing is more important than sending our people home safe, every day.
Nutrien is a leading provider of agricultural products, services, and solutions. With approximately 20,000 employees world-wide, we are the largest producer of potash (by capacity) and one of the world’s largest producers of nitrogen and phosphate. We also operate a leading agriculture retail network that services over 500,000 growers.
We harvest the best. Diverse views and experience make us strong. We look for people who have a safety-first mindset, who are collaborative team players, who deliver on their commitments, who are innovators in search of a better way, and who believe in inclusion.
Working at Nutrien will provide you an opportunity to help us Feed the Future, and grow your career while earning a competitive salary and great benefits.
Reports directly to the departmental Shift Supervisor.
What you will do:
  • Acquire necessary licenses to operate forklift, man lift and boom truck (area specific)
  • Operate welding shop equipment to prepare components for welding such as shearing, breaking, punching, rolling and metal cold saw (Shop Welders Only)
  • Assist electricians, Welders, and other skilled trades to complete assigned tasks
  • Assist in fabricating metal production components by using cutting torch and welding equipment
  • Assist in pipe fitting and bolting up flanges by using the proper techniques and tools to complete task
  • Assist in rigging process components for removal and installation by following proper rigging techniques to complete tasks
  • Assist in tearing down and installing processing components during a 8-16-hour shift
  • Assist in the completion of hot work permitted tasks by acting as a fire watch, barricading access, fire control, and checking air quality
  • Assist in the inspection of Hydraulic systems by checking oil levels and possible system leaks, and then reports concerns to supervisor to schedule repairs
  • Assist in the installation of new parts and production components, such as rollers and pulleys
  • Assist with PM task during down days by following PM check sheet and signing off to indicate tasks have been completed, for-wards to supervisor for review
  • Assist with troubleshooting work-related problems by using established work methods to isolate concerns, and then uses proven repair techniques to complete work tasks
  • Attend group meetings to learn new or modified welding techniques, safety practices or to review new projects
  • Be in constant contact with various departments during an 8-16 hour shift
  • Chip welding slag and spatter by using proper PPE, and proper tools such as chipping hammer, grinder, and needle gun to compete work
  • Clean/degrease weld joint or work area by using wire brush, portable grinder, or chemical spray to clean surface for welding
  • Complete reports and documentation for assigned job by tracking the details of each job and reporting outcomes as tasks are completed
  • Complete required training to keep current on Nutrien progression plan and shop certifications by managing and keeping track of training modules required for promotion
  • Conduct daily inspections of mobile equipment by using the Mobile Equipment checklist before operating equipment
  • Connect cables from welding machine to obtain amperage, voltage, slope, or pulse, as specified by welding procedure
  • Connect regulator valves and hoses to gas cylinders for cutting torch and welding machines to prepare for welding components
  • Cut metal plates or structural shapes by using plasma cutter, oxyacetylene, or grinder with cutting blade
  • Guide electrode or gun along weld line by maintaining length of arc and speed of movement to form specified depth of fusion and bead, judged from color of metal, sound of weld, and size of molten puddle
  • Inspect each weld pass by visually checking weld proper penetration, porosity, undercut, cold lap, bead size, equal legs and that it meets specifications
  • Lift and position components to work area by using electric crane, jacks, shims, or forklift and using proper lifting techniques
  • Maintain shop/field equipment by following Standard Operating Procedures to perform preventative maintenance on shop and support equipment
  • Perform housekeeping duties of an assigned area by cleaning area prior to job completion, turns in completed paperwork indicating area is clean
  • Perform Shield-Metal Arc Welding (Stick Welding) by using proper grade welding rod, and grounding to work to complete weld
  • Position and clamp work pieces together by assembling them in a jig or fixture to complete weld
  • Preheat work piece by using Rosebud torch head to prepare parts for welding
  • Read daily job package and scope of job to determine tools necessary to complete tasks, follows up on job package and reviews changes with supervisor
  • Repair assigned components and be familiar with all health and safety regulations before starting repairs
  • Repair broken or cracked parts by using welding processes such as stick welding and Mig welding to make repairs
  • Repair broken parts by beveling, arch gouging and grinding to prepare surfaces for welding and completing repair
  • Repair process components by dismantling, straightening, reshaping, and reassembling parts by using cutting torch, straightening press and hand tools
  • Select proper setup for performing welding tasks by setting machine up for proper weld process and applies power to begin welding
  • Select torch, torch tip, and welding rods according to welding chart specifications or type and thickness of metal 
  • Use hand and power tools to complete job tasks by making the proper selection of a tool to complete assignment
  • Use proper Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) such as safety glasses, gloves, ear plugs, face shields, and personal environmental monitors
  • Utilize consumable supplies during repair activities to ensure they are used in the most cost effective manner
  • Verify position of metal components in assemble by using straightedge, combination square, calipers and rules
  • Weld in flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead positions by using specific welding techniques such as Mig, Tig and Stick Welding
  • Weld parts by tack welding components and prepares them for final weld
  • Weld together metal components by using layout from blueprints, diagrams, and job packages and using proper welding procedures to complete the assigned work
  • Work in teams (Welder/Welder or Welder/Welder) by To apply please click on APPLY TO THIS POSITION
    Job Post Date: 06/29/20
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