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What Job Seekers Expect from Your Company...and What Will Write You Off Right Away

By Jessica Bartow,


Have you ever wondered what job seekers expect from your company? What about potential candidates – have you turned them away from your organization without realizing it?

Job seekers have expectations for the company to which they are applying. These expectations will vary depending on the person, position, and company, but there are some common trends that employers should know. This will help ensure that job seekers have a good experience with your company, even if they don’t make it all the way through the hiring process.

So, what are job seekers looking for? We dove into this topic with our Candidate Experience Survey back in 2018 to gain some insight into what you can do to meet their expectations.Below are a couple of highlights from the survey.

Employer reputation and brand were important to more than 80% of respondents

What reputation does your brand have? Are your employees proud to work at your company? If your reputation could use some work, try starting from the inside out. Send out an engagement survey to measure your employee satisfaction. Get involved in the community. Help your local FFA or 4-H chapter. It may take some time, but having a good reputation makes a big impact.

Respondents were asked, “What do you look for most in an employer?” Most frequently, candidates were looking for “job fit” (51%) with an employer. Job fit was most important to every age group except 18-22-year-old’s, who looked at company culture the most.

Of course, this one makes sense. Job seekers want to know that they would be a good fit for the position. What stands out about this piece of data is how the younger audience looked at company culture the most.

It is important to remember that job seekers come from different paths in life – they will not all have the same expectations. While you may never be able to please everyone, try to imagine yourself in a job seeker’s shoes and see how they view your company. Being self-aware is the first step to making positive changes!