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We Feed the Need in the Agriculture Industry

We Feed the Need in the Agriculture Industry

Who is going to lead your company into the future? Who are you going to get to develop the new project that you are proposing? Who is going to fill the positions of those retiring this year?

As the agriculture industry evolves and changes, professionals are constantly searching for fresh talent and new company leaders. Agriculture Future of America (AFA) works hard to link the leaders of tomorrow with the industry professionals who are searching for them. AFA does this by providing events like the AFA Leaders Conference Opportunity Fair.

The AFA Leaders Conference Opportunity Fair allows industry professionals to network, inform and recruit the nation's top student leaders while at the same time providing a link for college students to opportunities for career development in business, production, education, sciences and services.

The Opportunity Fair is a tool designed to give participating organizations a competitive edge in the identification of human capital.

“AFA makes my job easier. My role is to create a pipeline of talent for our organization. AFA literally brings that talent to me. I can come to AFA Leaders Conference and have those leaders brought to me and talk to them to see first hand the skills they’ve obtained through AFA. It makes it a lot easier to recruit the top talent from all of these college campuses in one place, in one day,” said Catherine Becker, Sales Development Lead, Monsanto.

During the AFA Opportunity Fair, students learn about the opportunities available to them for internships, full-time employment, additional leadership organizations, graduate school and international travel. All of these opportunities help create a personal and professional portfolio of experiences.

To learn more about AFA and register for 2010 AFA Opportunity Fair. Click here.

Should you have questions please contact Matt Bornhorst at AFA.