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Virtual Recruitment in Agriculture

Kristine Penning,


Most agribusinesses have been working from home for a little while now. So while at home, how can you and your HR team continue to drive your company’s staffing needs forward?

Continue to reach your company goals set for attracting and hiring candidates via virtual recruitment.To remain competitive, here are some tactics and tips that will help you align your recruitment strategy with today’s changing conditions:

  1. Continue Recruiting. Now is a great time to actively recruit agricultural talent despite challenging and disappointing circumstances. Many job seekers have been affected by the pandemic and may find themselves in a position to search for a new job that they had not anticipated.
  2. Candidate Selection. Continue to review resumes, phone screen, and narrow your candidate pool during this time.
  3. Video Interviewing. This may be run-of-the-mill to some employers in agribusiness, but to others, navigating video calling tools like Zoom, GoToMeeting, or Google Hangout is new territory. Get familiar with these tools by practicing calling your colleagues and meeting with them virtually. You’ll find that you can create a high-quality interviewing experience with applicants.

    There are a few things to note while video interviewing to make the best experience possible for both you and your candidates. Be sure you have a secure internet connection and consider hard wiring in with an ethernet cable to ensure your video call has the best quality. You might consider doing a test run beforehand with a coworker to ensure technology is cooperating.

    At, we regularly advise job seekers to treat a video interview professionally, and we would advise employers to do the same. Dress as you would for an in-person interview at the office. It is also recommended that you choose a clean, well-lit area to conduct your interview. A blank wall behind you would be ideal. Finally, be as personable as you would be in person.
  4. Video and Screen Sharing. Choose a platform that will allow you to vide and screen share with your candidate(s). This will also allow your candidate(s) to share their personality with you as well as non-verbal cues. Screen sharing will allow candidates to present examples of past work.

Virtual recruitment can be unfamiliar, but we’re here to help. Contact us at with questions you might have or explore our product offerings to kickstart your virtual recruitment journey today.