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By Daniel C. Simmons, CPC

Employment is tricky, and it doesn’t matter which side of the fence you’re on.

From finding a cultural match to navigating the company’s hiring process (which is sometimes dysfunctional), it can be tough.  To that end, this article presents four e-Books that offer tips on everything from navigating the interview process to presenting or interpreting an employment offer to how HR professionals and hiring managers can get the most out of their relationship with their headhunter.

A synopsis of each e-Book is below, along with a link for downloading the e-Book.  For additional resources, please visit our website at



Simple Steps for a Successful InterviewThis e-Book takes you through the entire interview process, from start to finish, and includes tips and suggestions about things you may not have even considered.  “Simple Steps” covers everything from what to bring to the interview to how your online identity can affect possible career moves to what you should do after the interview.
This information-packed e-Book is your comprehensive guide to nailing the interview and getting the offer.  If you’re not ready for the interview process after reading “Simple Steps,” there’s a good chance you never will be.




Evaluating an Employment OfferHow can Benjamin Franklin help you evaluate an offer of employment?  Find out in this e-Book, which takes a “common sense” approach (which smacks more of Thomas Paine than Ben Franklin) in determining whether you should accept an offer . . . or stay at your current job.

“Evaluating an Employment Offer” is comprised of a master list broken into three sections.  The first section deals with basic information, the second with relocation, and the third with executive considerations.  Each section contains detailed information, but is presented in a simple format that can be easily applied to any opportunity.




Hunting the HeadhunterThis e-Book contains a wealth of information for employers who want to leverage the unique abilities of recruiters in their ongoing quest to find—and successfully hire—the best talent available.  “Hunting the Headhunter” debunks seven common myths associated with recruiters, and also sprinkles helpful tips throughout.

In addition, you’ll learn the “4 Dirty Little Secrets About Headhunters,” and as an added bonus, you’ll receive a special “e-Book Extra.”  But we don’t stop there.  You’ll also get the “Find a Great Recruiter Worksheet,” your guide for finding “the best of the best” in the world of recruiting.




Presenting the Complete Job OfferWhat do the best candidates in the marketplace want in an employment offer?  How should you present it to them?  Making a mistake during the offer phase can be costly, especially if the candidate you want is being courted by the competition.

This e-Book breaks down the offer into its distinct parts, outlining exactly what should be included if you want to present a dream opportunity and woo superstar candidates who have the potential to be game-changing employees.  Don’t lament the “one that got away.”





About the Author
Daniel C. Simmons is a Certified Personnel Consultant who has been recruiting since 1991. Dan leads the recruiting team at Continental Search a recruiting firm specializing in the animal and meat sciences across the USA.

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