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The Path of Further Study - Post Grads and Other Options

The path of further study- post grads and other options

A ‘post grad’ can mean a number of things such as a Postgraduate Diploma, PhD Program or a Masters. In general, a post graduate diploma may help you become closer to field of work and can often be different to your original degree. A Masters may be research based or taught. It often takes less time and can be less demanding than a PhD. A Masters often involves course work and a thesis. The average time to complete masters is 1-2 years. A PhD is an original contribution to knowledge and can often take several years.

There are many reasons why people choose to continue on in their studies

  • People have a passion for their subject and want to explore it further and in greater depth
  • It may improve job prospects and increase careers opportunities. It may also set people apart in candidate pools and present them as a strong applicant.
  • People may be unsure what they want to do next; more time studying may give them more options and help them develop skills and knowledge.
  • The main advantage is that it equips you with further skills.
  • For those who want to have a career in academia, it is essential to do a post grad
  • People often enter further study if they have a strong interest in research
  • It can also offer people a change to change direction or area of study. Somebody may study agricultural science at an undergraduate level and then add to this knowledge by doing a post grad degree in business and finance.
  • Further qualifications can also increase future earning potential in the working world

Here are some tips if you are considering undertaking further study

  • Make sure you are fully informed of the financial and time aspects of your chosen post grad path
  • Investigate different options and modes of a post grad degree and asses which would best suit you personally
  • Research what support is available to you in the institution where you will be studying, both academically and financially
  • Make sure you are fully committed to further education

It is important to remember that post grad options are not an opportunity for you to revel in student life a little longer; they are demanding and fast paced. They require a lot of self discipline and self motivation.

There are a number of post grad options out there, it pays to do your research and opt for one that you have a genuine interest for. All the University websites will have sections dedicated to post graduate degrees, what they offer, how to apply and further information. Alternatively, visit your careers office in your current university and they will be able to provide you with further information.

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