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The Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking

  • Are you finding it hard to generate meaningful interviews?
  • When you get an interview does it seem as if you always miss getting the offer?
  • Has your job search been unsuccessful for months, and as a result you are becoming less motivated?

Finding a job is hard and demanding work. This is what you can do to maintain a positive mental attitude.

The beginning of all achievement lies in a strong and unshakable belief that you can and will be successful.

  • It is a highly competitive job market. There is bound to be disappointment and frustration. Don’t allow yourself to be troubled about yesterday’s failure or brood about a rejection from last week. You cannot impact the past. Don’t worry about next week or next month. It isn’t here yet. Today is here and what you do today will impact both the present and the future. The best batters in cricket go into a slump and the world’s top golfers often fail to make the cut in a major tournament. But they don’t quit. They recognise that every failure is a step towards success. They work on improving their game

Never allow yourself to be influenced by the negative attitudes of others. No one has a right to demolish your dreams. All too often people are pessimistic and provide us with reasons why we will fail. The only thing that really counts is what you personally believe. Even though many employers will reject you, they are the losers – not you. Ultimately you will prevail. Believe in yourself and your mission. Never think of failing – and you won’t. Following are some things you can do that will give you the emotional boost to maintain a positive mindset.

  • Reward yourself for things you have accomplished rather than focusing on things that have gone wrong. If you have set daily objectives and accomplished your tasks, set up an interview or gained a referral, then take credit for your achievement. As long as you have taken positive action and met some job search related goal each day, be proud of yourself.
  • Rely on your family, friends, and colleagues as a support mechanism. They can help you to stay motivated, give you needed emotional support, and provide contacts and ideas that will benefit you.

Remember that you have valuable attributes to offer an employer including your knowledge, experience, and level of proficiency; your loyalty; the dedication and enthusiasm you are willing to bring to your job; the desire to be the best that you can be; and the commitment to provide your employer a high quality performance.

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