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Temporary Gigs Fill-in the Gaps

By Bonnie Johnson,


Temporary or seasonal work can help fill-in the gaps for both employees and employers; the benefits go both ways, solving an essential need. Sometimes nicknamed odd jobs or gigs, this temporary employment provides income and experience for employees laid-off or dismissed from employment, students on summer break, or for unemployed job seekers. This vital experience helps fill in the gaps in their resume, plus gives the man inside look at a potential employer and facilitates networking with that employer.  Likewise, for many employers, especially in agriculture, seasonal workers are a necessity. Even if they aren’t typical, temporary hires offer employers a chance to “test-drive” talent and offer a potential pipeline for full-time hires.

To enable the connection between employers and candidates looking for this arrangement, we created a link: Find Temporary Employment on Some of the most common jobs found in this section are driver, crop scout, laborer, operator, field worker, technician, ranch worker, loader, office assistant, scale clerk, and operations aide.

Several employability skills are essential for temporary and seasonal opportunities. Hires need to be good listeners, quick learners, adaptable, open to change, and flexible. Since seasonal workers are on a limited timeframe, they must be ready to jump in enthusiastically, think critically about new situations and problems, and accept criticism to assure the successful completion of projects. These transferable skills make it a smooth transition for both the worker and employer, as their attributes help ensure success from one job to another. There are also a few hard skills some temporary jobs may require, such as a CDL or high school diploma.

Although the temporary hiring process often moves quickly, participants shouldn’t rush through without making sure all boxes are checked. Candidates must express their willingness to learn and try new things. Get references ready; that means asking contacts to be a reference ahead of time and gathering all their contact information in one location so it’s easily accessible. Employers may rely on phone and virtual interviewing during the rush, but shouldn’t skip the all-important reference checks too!

For a limited time, employers may post their temporary jobs free on Candidates are encouraged to search for these opportunities here or conduct a search for the keywords “seasonal” or “temporary” on