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Should I Look for a New Job?

Should I Look for a New Job?

There are many explanations why a person chooses to switch careers; some are personal, some are professional reasons. Many people think about a change in career but there is a big difference between thinking about making a move away from your current career and actually embarking on a switch.

People, who are fed up, not challenged or looking for something new may want to explore a new career or job role. The reasons listed below are some of the most common catalysts for a career move. If you are thinking about a move, then examine these points and consider if they relate to your current role and attitude towards your job.

  • Lack of a challenge: your current job lacks something to get excited about; you are just carrying on with no genuine enthusiasm for your role. Changing careers may put the spark and excitement back into work for you
  • Your career is too routine: you feel that you are not learning anything new and therefore are finding it hard to become motivated
  • A job or a career is a part of who you are, if that doesn’t fit you and who you see and want yourself to be then it may be time to find something different that reflects who you are more aptly
  • A major reason why people switch job, and often careers, is that they don’t feel valued at work, you just feel like a number in a system and there is little or no recognition
  • A major indication that it is time for a career change is when new projects bore you and no longer give you any sense of excitement
  • If you are feeling stressed out all the time then it may be time to switch careers, some people thrive on stress but if you are finding yourself stressed all the time, to the extent that you are not enjoying your work and may even be damaging your health, then it is time to move on

If these reasons apply to you and you have been thinking about having a careers change then there are a few things you must do in order to prepare yourself for a career change

  • Think about potential new careers based on your interests, skills and hobbies. Take online personality tests to see which areas you excel in
  • Research different careers, talk to people already in these career areas so you are aware of what to expect in your new career
  • It will also be necessary to polish your resume and brush up on your interviewing skills
  • It is imperative that you plan how you will leave your current job and search and apply for a new job
  • Remember to be positive and active in your new undertaking!