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Resume and Cover Letter Advice from Employers

Kristine Penning,


You’ve probably heard all kinds of advice about resumes and cover letters from your career services advisor, your professors, your parents, your colleagues, etc. But have you heard it from the employers that will actually be reading your resume? Check out these words from leading agricultural employers about what they look for in a resume or a cover letter.



“Customization captures my attention. I want to see that the individual has taken the time to learn about the job, learn about our culture, and learn about our organization. So when I see a resume that shows the passion you have for that particular role, that’s really what stands out to me.”

Angie Scott, Tyson Foods

The Details Count

“Oftentimes your resume is what is going to represent you when you’re not in the room. Take the time to make sure you have all of the right details and you’ve highlighted your leadership experience, your work experience, and all those things that help us get to know you as a candidate.”

-Tomesah Harrison, Bayer


“As I look at the resume from the experience standpoint, I look for words that are more achievement-oriented or going above and beyond than what you’re responsible for that shows basic accountability. I look for things that prove you initiated things on your own.”

-Jason Peterson, Cargill, Inc.


“If there’s an open position, make sure you read that closely and you tie your career objective to that particular job.”

-Julie Veneirakis, Valent


“Submitting an online application should really just be a part of the process. You then need to engage with the company and that you’ve submitted the application and that you’re interested.”

-Mara Gordon, Land O’Lakes

Cover Letters

If You’re Going to Do It, Do It Well

“I don’t expect you to submit a cover letter, but if you do, I expect you to do it well. Use a cover letter as an opportunity to tell me more than what you can tell me in your resume.”

-Angie Scott, Tyson Foods

Tailor It

“In our recruiting process, cover letters are not necessarily required, but there are some hiring managers that like them, because they allow you to tell a little bit more your story. So I would encourage folks to have one and to tailor it to the job or the experience you’re making a connection on.”

-Tomesah Harrison, Bayer

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