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Remote Teamwork Strategies


Remote working has become the new norm. Not because of Covid-19, but because companies realize the need for work-life balance, and they recognize the other benefits that come with having remote employees. This does not mean there aren’t challenges along the way.. navigating this new type of work has led to many discussions around teamwork and company culture. Here at, most of our employees are remote and we have narrowed down a few strategies that your team can implement to keep company moral at a high, even when employees are hundreds or thousands of miles apart, not down the hall.

Prioritize video conversations/meetings

Working remote can feel isolating, especially if you are an extrovert. Using platforms such as Skype, Teams or Slack, to name a few, can bring remote coworkers together daily and encourage communication between each other. does a great job of gathering us together on a weekly and monthly basis on our chosen communication platform to share, learn and grow together as individuals as well as a company. Its amazing how face to face interaction can boost my day and give me encouragement to finish the day/week strong!

Don’t leave team members out

Communication can be very tough when all employees and/or coworkers aren’t down the hall, but that shouldn’t be used as an excuse for exclusion. Before sending out an important message, double check you have all proper parties listed. Accidents happen, but taking a few extra minutes to make sure the message is getting across to everyone is important!

Ask for feedback on how company can support the employee

Again, with communication! You may not always know if your coworker is having a bad day or if something is bothering them, either with their personal or professional lives, so keeping constant communication is key. Be sure to ask or survey on a regular basis to make sure everyone has what they need in order to succeed. It could be something as simple as the proper office supplies or scheduling an extra face-to-face connect during the week to chat through a project or problem.

IT support

If you have trouble with technology like me, not having immediate IT support can be nerve-wracking. Luckily, our team has been successful to provide access to those who can help us in a pinch. If you have a new employee that is hesitant about remote work due to the technological piece, it might be time to evaluate your process and ensure your employees have the support they need!

Celebrate as a team

Company wins can sometimes feel ignored or not celebrate when you work remote, but they don’t have to be! We have implemented a “high five wall” to congratulate any big wins across the company or give a personal shout out to someone. Its nice to have a designated place to recognize achievements or someone’s hard work and help congratulate them. Some other suggestions to celebrate as a team might be virtual team lunches, appreciate videos, gift cards, personal cards, extra day of PTO, etc. The possibilities are endless!