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Outsourcing Recruitment and In-house Recruitment

Outsourcing Recruitment and In-house Recruitment

Finding the right applicant for a job is not an easy task. It often requires extensive search and many interviews. This raises the question of outsourcing recruitment so that employers may focus their attention on their business. Some are in favour of this approach, while others prefer to do their own recruitment as they have their own methods and procedures that are efficient and successful.

When operating in a specialised industry, like agriculture, where jobs often require a specific skill set, it can be beneficial for some companies to use a recruitment agency to find them a suitable person for the job. Not all companies operate on this principal, but some find it is the best way to find the right person for their job role.

Recruiters also take care of the often tedious but important steps of hiring, they sift through resumes to find those most suitable and notify those who do not make the interview stage.

Recruiters can do the hard work for you, this includes activities such as background checks, reference follow ups and by the time the candidate is presented to an employer, they just need to be interviewed.

Recruiters often have their own in-house database of candidates as well as knowing where to find the right talent.

Recruiters can continue to source candidates and work towards a role even when the employer is away or on holidays, the process does not have to stop.

Recruiters often have a fixed fee structure so employers know what to budget upfront.

Recruiters can also offer their insights on other topics such as psychometric testing, salary reviews, quality of candidates and interviewing techniques.

However, that is not to say that using recruiters is the answer to all your employment need. Companies often prefer to do their own in-house recruitment. They fear a loss a of control over the process or wish to promote their own company brand by advertising under their own logo.

In-house recruitment can be advantageous as the company brand name can play a huge part in attracting a candidate, where as some applicants may not apply to an ad for the same company under a recruiters logo.

Another aspect of in-house recruiters as opposed to recruitment agencies is that it gives the company control and allows them to see all the resumes of all applicants applying. While a candidate may not meet a job description, they may possess other skills or attributes that may be suitable for the job or another area of the company.

There are advantages to both approaches and one cannot be deemed as better then the other. Companies often mix and match their approaches, using recruiters for top end positions but their own in-house recruitment for other positions. It is up to the company to decide which is the best method to follow. Many will feel that recruiting under their own brand name has the most benefits while others will appreciate the workload being removed by recruiters.